Daniel Throws a Pitch
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 23
Original Air Date:

Just as Betty agrees to move in with Matt, Henry returns to New York City. Wilhelmina tries to find out Clarie's connection to Cal Hartley.

Daniel and Molly's Wedding
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 22
"In The Stars"
Original Air Date:

Betty, Marc and Matt have to design a magazine for YETI in order to get interviews for an Editor position.

Stuart, Christina and Baby
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 21
"The Born Identity"
Original Air Date:

When Wilhelmina's baby William goes missing, Christina is the prime suspect. Archie asks Hilda to be a part of his campaign for Bureau President.

Daniel in a Bunny Suit
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 20
"Rabbit Test"
Original Air Date:

Betty and family get an invitation to meet Matt's father, Calvin Hartley (Davie Rasche) at his annual Easter Egg hunt. Daniel sees it as a chance to get Mode a bailout. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina suspects her baby might not be hers.

Marc and Amanda Give Betty a Makeover
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 19
"The Sex Issue"
Original Air Date:

Daniel and Wilhelmina try an issue of Mode about sex to help fix their financial problems. Matt is a little shy about taking things to the next level with Betty. Marc and Amanda give Betty a sexy makeover. Hilda is unsure she wants to continue to date Archie (Ralph Macchio).

Christine Baranski as Victoria Hartley
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 18
"A Mother of a Problem"
Original Air Date:

Betty meets Matt's mother (guest star Christine Baranski). Wilhelmina gets creative to solve cash flow problems. Daniel deals with Molly. The Suarez family conspire to set Hilda up with Archie (Ralph Macchio).

Daniel and Wilhelmina Plead
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 17
"Sugar Daddy"
Original Air Date:

The Suarez family attempts to buy their home from their landlord. Daniel and Wilhelmina attempt to get some Federal bailout money.

Betty and Matt Laugh
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 16
"Things Fall Apart"
Original Air Date:

Betty and Marc team up to analyze Mode's budget. Matt (Daniel Eric Gold) tries to court Betty while she deals with some startling news she finds out on Facebook that Henry has a new girlfriend.

Fashion Week
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 15
"There's No Place Like Mode"
Original Air Date:

It's Fashion Week at Mode again and Betty tries to put on a fashion show for a new designer, Heinrich. Meanwhile, with Wilhelmina distracted by Conner, there's a new person working at Mode.

Olivia Newton Bird
Watch Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 14
"The Courtship of Betty's Father"
Original Air Date:

It's Claire's 60th Birthday and Betty has to deal with Ignacio and Elena possibly dating. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Daniel are jealous of Conner and Molly's memorable relationship.

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