Taba's Decision - Under The Banner Of Heaven Season 1 Episode 2
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It's the Pyre girls' birthday. Annie asks if she'll keep wearing her CTR (Choose The Right) ring. Jeb explains that baptism is her first covenant with Heavenly Father, and the ring is the reminder to obey the commandments. Jeb and his daughter hug.

Brigham Young proclaims the prophecies of Joseph Smith in America and his new testament that vanquishes the lie of Original Sin. He bids the crowd come to America and build a new Zion.

Jeb and Taba confirm that both Allen and Robin are in custody. Taba has said nothing of the case to Robin, so if Robin knows anything, it's as good as a confession.

Jeb and Taba question the neighbor who lives across the street from Allen and Brenda. She says four bearded men showed up in a car and parked across the street -- two in the back seat, and a third got out went in the front door. When she came out for more groceries, the car was gone. 

Taba and Jeb head back into the crime scene house. Taba says they should alert the media, but Jeb says the chief will want to make that call when he gets back. Taba says he'll contact forest services, and Jeb tells him to put out an APB on three bearded men, armed and dangerous.

Results from the lab indicate that Allen's prints were not at Robin, but they were all over his own house. However, the bloody handprint on the baby's door was not Allen's, nor was it his blood at the front door.

Jeb calls Sister Doren and asks her and others to help with his girls' birthday party while he works a case. Meanwhile, Jeb examines the vacuum cleaner from the crime scene. Sister Doren asks if a Lafferty was hurt.

Jeb brings in the vacuum to Robin and puts on a cassette tape of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Jeb asks Robin about the vacuum. Robin is silent. Jeb goes to leave. Robin asks why he is here, insisting he is a good LDS man.

Jeb says he wants to get through this quickly, asking why Robin ran from the officers. Robin says he ran from wrongful persecution, as the government is in charge of wayward laws that look away from God's ways and harms LDS families.

Driving through the forest, Taba sees a person in the woods.

Jeb checks on Allen and brings him some water. He asks why Allen had Brenda's blood on his knees and hands. Allen explains that he knelt in it to pray for her and their baby. Jeb questions this, remembering that Allen said he lost his faith. Allen says it was his last unanswered prayer.

Jeb asks for descriptions of the bearded men. Allen says he only saw them once, on a tiling job, a year ago, and Dan was with him. Dan had asked him to go to a meeting with a patriotic group that fought taxes.

After their job, Allen recounts that a car pulled up with two men, one older, with a long, braided beard. The other man was round, with brown hair. Dan got in the car with them, and Robin was in the back.

Taba checks up at Forest Services, where the ranger polishes a gun. Taba asks about recent gunfire and if there's been anything unusual recently. The ranger replies there has been plenty unusual and offers to drive up the mountain together.

Jeb gets clarity from Allen -- his brothers Dan and Robin were in an organized anti-tax group. Allen wonders why Jeb is so curious about Robin.

Ammon Lafferty and his wife are preparing to leave on the mission. Mama Lafferty gives Matilda Ammon's schedule binder, complete with patient information, telling her that as wives, they need to support their husbands.

Ammon gives Dan a number to reach them in case of emergencies only, as they will be in the Louisiana hinterlands.

Brenda checks on Jacob, who has a mutilated squirrel corpse in his hands. Brenda wipes the blood from his hands with her dress, telling Jacob she'll help take care of him and that they should see his parents off.

The family prays together, and Ammon makes his farewell speech. With their parents finally gone, Sam proclaims to his brothers that they can now have some fun. The men whoop and holler, but Dan bids them settle down.

Allen explains that Dan and Matilda weren't ready. Matilda struggles to keep up with the chiropractic bookings.

Allen says he wanted to keep a low profile, but Brenda did her best to help.

Brenda gives Matilda advice to listen for the Holy Spirit, recounting a time when she was on stage and forgot her lines, but listened to the Holy Spirit, and she remembered them.

Robin gives Allen some advice -- the exciting stuff wears off, and it's essential to find a woman who will help you build a family for eternity. Allen assures Robin that Brenda wants a family.

Allen explains to Jeb that Brenda's way of helping came across as interfering to some of the other LDS men.

Matilda confesses to Brenda that she can't hear the Holy Spirit anymore -- she used to hear it and have visions that told her to come to Utah and marry Dan. Dan had confirmed that Heavenly Father had told him to marry her, too. Matilda wonders if it was not Ammon who told him to marry her because they were both "broken."

Matilda is worried because Dan seemed to have turned perfect after they got married, but she still feels broken. Brenda says Holy Spirit is probably very close to Matilda. Matilda says she believes Brenda was sent to her and wants her to stay close.

Allen narrates -- that the more Brenda got involved, the better it seemed to Allen that they should get away. Everyone in his family was old-fashioned, except Ron and Dianna, who were more modern.

Ron and Dianna have lunch with Allen and Brenda at the construction site. Brenda and Ron discuss how construction is changing and slowing down, and Ron says if he's re-elected to the city council, he can bypass some zoning laws.

Ron remarks how the downturn could be beneficial as it makes property cheaper.

Allen recalls how Brenda was smarter than him.

Brenda tells Ron and Dianna that Dan and Matilda need help. Ron says Ammon and Dan got into their own thing with the Lord, and the Lord called him a different way.

Allen says Ron didn't appreciate Brenda's advice and that he just followed their father's commandment. Jeb asks for clarification — Heaven Father or Ammon? Allen says both.

Allen recalls how Joseph Smith took his new Mormons to Ohio to build a new Zion there. There was a gruesome story Ammon used to tell to motivate his sons. Joseph Smith found some Ohioans hanging a dog who killed a lamb.

Joseph Smith urges them to end it and offers his gold pocket watch. The Ohioan takes the watch and shoots the dog. The Ohioan tells Joseph Smith that he and his Mormons need to mind the laws.

Allen explains that the story showed that the more challenges they faced, the more they could be sure they were on the righteous path.

Joseph Smith comforts the dog's owner, saying they must build their city of Zion on earth.

Taba and the forest ranger get to the top of the mountain. The ranger mentions the shooting, saying he saw two men with guns making a big mess. Many trees are shot up and destroyed, with many mutilated squirrels hanging from the stumps.

The ranger mentions that he found one nailed to his door this morning. He describes the men as in their 20s - 30s. Taba asks if they looked like LDS pioneer types with beards. The ranger confirms it but also notes that there are many men like that up here.

The ranger tells Taba that the men had two girls with them who looked like they were from the pioneer ages, but they ran off quickly. The ranger didn't follow them, and he warns Taba not to pursue it either.

Chatting over their radio, Jeb tells Taba about how Allen has said Robin was in the anti-tax group, and Allen also provided descriptions of the bearded men. Taba says he will explore the woods and asks Jeb to send someone to look for him if he hasn't heard from him in an hour.

Jeb returns to Robin and turns off the cassette tape. Jeb asks Robin about the anti-tax group and if he ever attended any meetings. Robin says the group is called "Patriots For Freedom."

Jeb refers to the burning papers in Robin's house. Robin says he and his brothers were building something modern and holy, but others might not understand.

Robin explains that he and Dan went to L.A. to learn new chiropractic techniques. It was their mission to bring it back to the LDS family.

Dan works on a patient who finds it strange that Dan talks to God during treatment. Robin steps in, saying their methods are newer than their father's. The patient states that he likes the old-fashioned ways. Dan stresses that he wants to heal them, so they don't have to keep coming back. The patient and his wife leave.

Dan is annoyed, but Robin stays cool. Conferring with Matilda, she tells them that many bills are past due. Dan says they need water and power more than they need to give the government money for licensing fees. Dan realizes this is a test -- Heavenly Father is presenting them with a challenge they will meet.

Jeb says he's surprised to hear the Laffertys were in financial trouble.

Dan, Matilda, and the girls drive. They play I Spy as Dan sees cop cars drive past them.

Robin explains that "Patriots For Freedom" were just helping them get around their tax burden -- filing lawsuits against federal taxes.

Dan sees someone parked at their clinic. Matilda and the girls stay in the car. Dan goes inside with a baseball bat.

There's a government official saying they have sent Notices To Appear for Ammon Lafferty but received no response. The official says he found the Past Due notices and that he has been ordered to seize assets.

Dan tries to make a deal, asking if he can pay half now and half later. The official says no, and asks him to step outside. Dan gets enraged and goes to attack him with his bat. The official shoots him with pepper spray. Dan starts swinging at him, and the official runs up the stairs just as Matilda and Robin come in.

Robin holds Dan back. Dan asks Matilda if she got the Notice To Appear letter, and she says she was just doing what he told her to do, not to answer it. Matilda says she asked the holy spirit for guidance, and it told her to listen to Dan do as he says.

Another officer informs Jeb that it's noon and they have no radio response from Taba. Robin suggests they pray together for guidance.

Taba explores the woods. He sees figures hiding behind the trees and hears the rattles of a metal canister. A woman in a pioneer dress flees the scene. Taba orders her to stop, and he falls into a hole (a trap).

Jeb asks Allen if anyone in his family objected to him marrying Brenda. Allen says his wife was seen as interfering, but the old Mormon stories fired her up more, and she wanted to be like a Lafferty boy.

At the television station, Brenda asks her boss why they only allow men to read the news in Salt Lake City. Her boss says it's about having the news come from an authority they trust. Brenda asks if he trusts men or women more, and he says personally he sees no difference, but it's about the higher-ups.

Brenda wants to read the news. He tells her to give it a try right now. He locks the office and closes the blinds while Brenda collects some notes and sits up at the desk. She reads some of the news, and he stops her. He asks her to smile, complimenting her teeth.

Brenda asks if she's good enough for him to ask the higher-ups if she could fill in for one of the male newscasters if needed. He puts his hand on her hand. Brenda asks if he locks himself in with the boys, too. He gets a bit flustered, and she suggests that he tell the higher-ups to give her this opportunity, or she will tell them about him locking her in with him.

Allen picks up Brenda from the station.

Allen says Brenda wanted to keep building, but his father disapproved of women who did that. Jeb asks if Allen ever tried to stop her, but Allen says he loved that about her and asks if Jeb approves of women like that.

Jeb asks if Allen's brothers ever tried to stop her. Allen says it's not uncommon for Mormons to make everyone find their rightful place. Jeb says Mormons don't kill people for not being in their rightful place. Allen argues this, saying it's all over the scriptures and quotes some.

Taba crawls out of the hole, his gun drawn.

Jeb clarifies that though Brenda was too much for his family, he still wanted to be with her.

The Lafferty men watch Brenda on television, reading a newscast.

Allen says he had wanted to marry her since he met her. Jeb asks why he waited. Allen explains that she wanted him to meet her bishop father before he popped the question.

At Christmas with the Wrights, Mr. Wright asks Allen about a book he has. Allen explains it was given to him by his brother, and it's about avoiding speeding tickets. Allen gets nervous during Mr. Wright's questions.

Mr. Wright asks Allen who runs things in his household. Allen says his father is the patriarch and keeps things in the household running. Mr. Wright says the women outnumber the men in his house.

Allen asks to be excused as he promised to help Brenda's younger sisters with their gliders. Brenda is annoyed with her dad for giving Allen the third degree.

Allen thought it would be better to be close to Brenda's family because of the Lafferty family pressure.

Brenda insists to her dad that the Lafferty family is basically LDS royalty. Mr. Wrighrt asks if Allen has asked her to marry him. Brenda's mother thinks he's a bit insubstantial. Brenda defends Allen, saying he's starting up a tiling business.

Allen goes outside to help Brenda's siblings. Mr. Wright says Allen sounds a bit old-fashioned and insists Brenda should have a life, too. Brenda proclaims that she loves him, but Mr. Wright is unsure of Allen and asks Brenda to hold off.

Allen sets off some fireworks outside. Some Christmas trees catch fire, and the fire moves to the outside house wall. Allen and the siblings are trying to put it out with snow. Mr. Wright comes out with a fire extinguisher and puts it out. Allen apologizes.

Jeb asks Allen why he was afraid of Brenda going after his family.

Allen talks about a dog Ron got for his birthday. One day, Ammon came home, and the boys hadn't done their chores, so Ammon put the boys in a circle and put the dog in the middle of the circle and beat it to death with a baseball bat.

It was to teach them a lesson about responsibility -- about their rightful place. Allen posits that perhaps his father returned from his mission and may have thought Brenda needed a lesson about her rightful place.

Jeb asks about Robin. Allen describes Robin as the most loyal to the church, a true believer. Jeb asks if Allen is sure that the men who did this were all strangers. He asks if any could have been family. Allen says he can't be certain about anything ever again.

Allen says his views on the church truly shifted when he had a little girl and how he didn't want her to be forced to obey men for the rest of her life. Allen asks if Jeb has daughters. Jeb gets flustered, insisting he is the one who asks questions. Allen apologizes.

Jeb leaves, telling Allen to get some sleep.

Taba finds a small cabin in the woods.

Jeb calls his wife. Rebecca playfully says he's in trouble for missing the party, especially since he called the church to help. Jeb asks about mom. Rebecca asks him if he's still okay to meet with the bishop that evening for the girls' baptism review.

It's 12:30. Jeb apologizes to Rebecca, expresses his love, and hangs up.

Jeb orders a call to Forest Services. If they don't know where Taba is, County must be called to get to his last known whereabouts.

Jeb goes to Robin and tells him they are searching for his brothers, and he needs to know if his officers are in any danger. Robin says that depends on what they intend to do to his brothers. He says if the officers are in danger, it's their own fault -- the government came after them.

Robin rants about the prophet Joseph Smith.

The Ohioans pull Joseph Smith and his wife out of their home in the night, saying he has defiled his marriage. They go to cut out his tongue and cut off his penis, but he declares a prophecy to them, and they stop, merely telling him to leave.

The next day, Joseph Smith and his followers leave. Brigham Young is seen stealing something. Taba draws his gun at the cabin and makes his presence known.

Jeb concludes that Robin killed Brenda.

Robin is confused. He asks who else they are holding and screams for his brother. Jeb exits.

Taba stands on the cabin porch. There is a hole in the wall. Taba looks into the hold, and the barrel of a shotgun appears.


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Under the Banner of Heaven Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Do we not risk more eternal consequence than prison bars if we follow unjust, unholy laws?

Robin Lafferty

Some say men can hear the Holy Spirit better, but that's not true. We can.