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Detective Jeb Pyre fixes his lawnmower. His daughter Annie wants him to play. He grabs a cowboy hat and lasso and ropes her. His daughter Caroline rides by on her bike, then joins them.

The station calls, and Jeb's wife, Rebecca, tells him to take the phone.

Jeb takes the call and makes some notes. He gets his work clothes on and checks in with his mom, Josie, before he does.

The Pyre family prays together. Caroline leads, listing off things she wants for her birthday before Jeb takes over and concludes the prayer.

Jeb arrives at a crime scene. Officer Denney sits on the steps. Jeb enters the house slowly, surveying the whole scene.

The television is on. A woman's body lies in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. The phone is also bloody. There is a bloody handprint on the door of the baby's room. Jeb heads in and, remembering the woman and her baby in life, is overcome with tears.

Jeb composes himself and heads back outside to where Denney sits on the steps. Jeb orders Denney to call the print guy and photograph the house extensively.

A bloody man, Allen Lafferty, approaches them. Jeb and the other officers draw their guns on him. The man puts his hands up but keeps approaching.

Jeb drives to the station as the other officers photograph the crime scene.

At the station, Jeb discusses the details with Detective Bill Taba. The woman is 24, and the child is 15 months. The suspect is her husband, who comes from a highly regarded LDS family. Jeb suggests that he take the lead on it, as he is Mormon. Taba agrees.

Jeb goes in first to speak with the suspect.

Jeb takes off Allen's cuffs. Taba also comes in. Jeb asks Allen when he last saw his wife and daughter alive. Allen replies that he didn't do it. He saw them early in the morning, then went to his construction job, where he works for himself.

Jeb asks for the address, but the distraught Allen can't think straight. Allen asks to change his clothes and tells the detectives to find his brothers and their wives, as they may be in danger. He says he can't remember their addresses.

Allen insists that strange men with long beards have been interested in his family for about a year now.

As Allen gets his photos taken, another officer tells Jeb that Allen could only remember his eldest brother Ron's number, but there was no answer. Jeb knows Ron and insists that someone check on him and his family.

Taba thinks the men-with-beards is a distraction tactic. Jeb says Mormons discourage beards, so it might mean something. Taba insists it's the husband and boasts that he'll be able to get a confession within ten minutes.

Taba talks with Allen about how his wife cheated on him. Allen asks Taba if he's LDS, and when Taba says no, Allen tells him that those are the people that need to be investigated. Allen explains that he left the church. Jeb comes in, cuffs Allen, and accuses him of breaking the covenant. Allen stresses that his wife was faithful and perfect.

Brenda sings "The Rose" at the Miss Twin Falls Idaho pageant. Sitting in the back of the car as her father drives, Brenda tries to think positively about coming in second. Brenda proclaims that she wants to go to Brigham Young University to study broadcast journalism. Her father says they should think and pray about it. Brenda insists she will go to Salt Lake City.

Brenda arrives at BYU.

Allen says he feels responsible for keeping her involved in the church -- his only regret is that he didn't drive Brenda out of the religion while he could to save her from his people.

Taba informs Jeb that they got partial prints from the crime scene, and the lab should have them back by morning. Jeb wants to know who did such a thing to a baby.

Another officer says that the only two numbers he found for Allen's brothers aren't in service, and the house at the address for Ron is empty and has been for sale for about a year.

Taba says he'll notify Brenda's father, but Jeb insists they find the Laffertys first.

Jeb chats with Rebecca on the phone, who tells him that his mother had another nightmare. Jeb doesn't want to resort to meds. Rebecca asks him about the girls' party the next day, and Jeb says he will be there.

Jeb asks his wife for help regarding the Laffertys, if she has any addresses, and informs her that two are dead. Rebecca says she'll look. They hang up, and Jeb prays.

Jeb returns to Allen, saying there was no forced entry. He asks Allen if he's innocent he needs to give them something. Allen tells them everyone wanted Brenda to find fault in her or save her.

Brenda and Allen ride a motorcycle and arrive at a Lafferty family gathering.

Allen introduces Brenda to his mom and dad, his brother Sam and his wife Sarah, and their kids. Brenda impresses them by remembering their names. Next is Robin, his wife Lynn, and their kids. Brenda points out Jacob. The brothers all remark how pretty she is. Brenda is left with a bunch of the kids.

Jeb asks why Allen thinks she was attracted to Ron. Allen says everyone was always, but he wasn't jealous. Allen says his brother Dan couldn't keep his hands off Brenda, but it was playful.

Dan introduces Brenda to his Scottish wife Matilda and their kids.

Dan asks Brenda if they abide by the words of wisdom at BYU. They joke together about natural energy as opposed to caffeine and sugar.

An older man knocks at the door, asking for help. Dianna, Ron's wife, answers the door, saying she doesn't live there but invites him in.

Dianna comes out to get Ron. Dan tries to get Brenda to sit with him, which Allen is against, but then Dianna introduces herself and asks Brenda to sit beside her and Ron.

Ron starts questioning Brenda, being friendly, and Brenda says she's going into television journalism. Allen says Ron has his own construction company and is on the city council, and mentions that Brenda's dad is a bishop.

Matilda shows up with lemonade. She mentions how, like Allen and Brenda, she met Dan in church when he was on his mission in Scotland. Dianna notes that's how she and Ron met as well.

Matilda explains she was previously married, and her girls are not even Dan's, but he gave her a second shot -- even though he dated her sister first.

Brenda notices Ammon Lafferty (the patriarch) sternly talking to Ron. Ammon leads the older man to join them for their meal and addresses everyone.

Ammon notes that an old neighbor has come by asking forgiveness and deliverance. His home is being threatened -- it must be cleared of stones and be suitable for planting in two days; otherwise, the federal government will turn it into a highway.

Ammon says they must stand together against outsider threats. The Laffertys will band together to help him clear the land the following day. Robin leads the blessing.

Allen says that Brenda thought herself pious, but it was by Idaho standards, not Utah, and his father noticed it first and judged her.

Allen tearfully notes that Brenda was not typical LDS -- obedient and subservient to her husband -- but she didn't deserve the death she got, nor did their baby.

Jeb looks at photos of Brenda and her family.

At the stone clearing, Allen reads from the Book of Mormon. All the Lafferty men, even the little boys, get to work together, with the women pouring drinks and making provisions.

Dan spots a snake.

Brenda joins the men and starts lifting stones. Some of the men exchange looks.

The men all pee in a line on the fence. Dan pees on Allen, but they laugh it off.

At the end of the day, the neighbor looks at the big pile of rocks. Ammon congratulates everyone and announces that he and his wife have been called on a senior mission for two years. He tells his sons to maintain the property vigilantly and that someone must stand in his shoes.

Ammon says he prayed, and Heavenly Father told him to give the responsibility to Dan, with Robin as his right-hand man. Ammon speaks to the other brothers -- Jake, Allen, and Sam. He says nothing to Ron.

Dan says the prayer, asking for guidance.

Allen tells Jeb Brenda had her eyes on things.

Mama Lafferty talks to Ron in the barn. She reassures Ron he is her one, saying that the righteous calling is his, as firstborn.

An officer says Jeb's wife provided Robin Lafferty's address. Taba goes. Jeb sits with Allen.

Jeb asks when Allen stopped seeing his family. Allen confirms that it was when he left the church. Jeb asks if Allen misses church. Allen says yes, he misses having each other's backs and the days when he still believed God was love.

Joseph Smith tells his beloved Emma about the golden plates.

Major Carleton comes upon the aftermath of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

As Taba and backup enter Robin Lafferty's empty home, they find a pile of books and papers burning.

Allen tells Jeb that if he still believes his God is love, he doesn't understand who he is. Their shared faith breeds dangerous men.

Taba continues to explore Robin's home and phones Jeb, saying it looks like the family just left. Taba says he will dust for prints and that Jeb needs to trust him. Taba calls Mr. Wright, Brenda's dad, to tell him about Brenda and the baby.

Jeb confronts Taba, angry that Taba notified Mr. Wright before Jeb was ready. Taba insists he knows this type of case better than Jeb, despite being Indigenous and not LDS -- and that he got some information.

Jeb returns, saying that Brenda's dad shared some info -- Brenda has recently told her sister that she was scared of Allen because he beat her. Allen swears he didn't beat his wife, though they did have one fight that he regrets.

Allen says that Mr. Wright didn't like him, then brings up how it was similar with Joseph Smith and his father-in-law.

Taba lashes out at Allen. Jeb notes that it's strange that Allen's first concern was for his brothers. Jeb asks if Allen hurt his brothers tonight. Allen insists he did not -- it was men with beards who corrupted his family.

Allen insists the detectives are wasting their time with him. He tells Jeb to pray to the Mormon God and ask for wisdom. Taba and Jeb leave Allen alone.

Jeb looks through more photos of Brenda, Allen, and the baby, along with pictures of his own daughter, and Joseph Smith. Jeb closes the blinds and prays. Taba knocks and enters. He says he put an APB out for Robin Lafferty and his family and asks if he should put one out for the "vagrants."

Taba asks where Jeb went on his mission. Jeb tells him Denver. They discuss satanic rituals. Jeb mentions a story about a girl killed near his childhood home. Jeb thinks that Allen would have felt a lot of pressure leaving the church.

Jeb suggests that Allen cracked and killed his whole family, all the Laffertys, and saved Brenda and the baby for last. Taba says if they don't charge Allen within the next 36 hours, he'll be free, and the chief isn't due back from Yellowstone for another week.

Taba says they need suspects before the DA and the media get wind of the story.

Taba gets a call about a man with a long beard and black on his hands. They head over to investigate. Many cops, including Taba and Jeb, head to a motel with guns drawn and knock on a door. It's Robin Lafferty's wife, Lynn, and all the kids. Taba asks about her husband. Lynn says they had an electrical problem.

Taba forces his way in and sees a man running away. They give chase and catch up. The man is praying. It's Robin Lafferty, with a beard.

Taba tells Jeb to go home and check on his own family to ensure they are safe, as the Laffertys know him from church. Taba says he'll handle it from here.

Jeb returns home. His mother accidentally sneaks up on him and startles him. They greet each other warmly. Josie asks if her husband is dead, and Jeb tearfully tells her that his dad has been gone for ten years. Josie tells him she wants to be with her husband now, where things are right.

Jeb takes a shower, and Rebecca joins him. He remembers all that has transpired that night, seeing scenes of Joseph Smith dictating from the golden plates to Emma, Major Carleton at the Meadows. Jeb worries that this is just the beginning. Rebecca hugs him.

In the early morning, Taba watches the Lafferty kids pile into a van. He sees another car pull up further away.


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Under the Banner of Heaven Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Detective Jeb Pyre: No forced entry. No items of value taken.
Detective Bill Taba: Except the two lives.

Most of all what I miss are the days when I still believed our God was love.

Allen Lafferty