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Christine takes a walk with Joe and informs him that whoever is coming destroyed her world and when the dome comes down, they will do the same to earth. Joe is skeptical about what she's saying, but kind of believes her. 

Eva is about to give birth and finds out from Barbie that he never killed Julia. She shows up and Barbie wants the baby so he can run off. Eva refuses to push and Julia takes matters into her own hands and pushes the baby out of her. Eva has the baby and it gives her power and she throws Barbie through the window. He and Julia run off before they get caught.

Christine shows up and Eva goes back to her former self and Christine says that they baby isn't hers and kills Eva by smothering her.

Junior is captured and Aktion decide to use the cure on him. Jim tries to be sentimental with him, but it falls on deaf ears before working, but then when Jim starts to get through to him, but he eventually escapes, killing a member of Aktion and attacking Jim. 

Under the Dome
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