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Rachel gets some harsh words from Quinn as she tells her to get a rest, which leads to her finally going to her parents and asking for help, but they offer to give her a loan, but have strings attached.

Rachel makes a decision in order to steer clear of her parents.

Quinn is on her last nerve with Chet after he ends up in hospital by taking drugs while having sex with her. His wife makes it clear she knows the truth at the hospital and it leaves Quinn feeling uneasy about what comes next.

Shia is left in charge of the show during Rachel's leave, but she makes a lot of bad choices which leads to a lot of drama when Adam's friend Roger attacks one of the girls.

Rachel is not impressed by the way Shia runs the show and makes it known that she has awoken a beast in Roger.

Shia agrees that it's her fault and Rachel and her find some common ground.

Jeremy tries to steer clear of Rachel following the video leak, but he finds it hard to when he realizes he wants a job that he needs her help to get.

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