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Rachel is forced to face up to her past when her friend Bethany appears on set with her belongings and threatens to send an intimate video of her and Jeremy to the crew of Everlasting if Rachel doesn't come up with the three months rent she owes her.

Rachel feels like she is getting a break when Quinn offers up a cash bonus to Shia, Jay, or her if they manage to get her a new villain for the season.

Shia and Jay think they have it in the bag, but Rachel reigns supreme, even if it did mean hurting some of the girls.

Anna gets word that her father is in a bad way, but Rachel tries to rope her into staying, but she flees. Anna is sick to the stomach of Rachel manipulating her and quits the show.

Rachel and Adam go to her father's funeral and try to reel Anna back in, but she gives them a resounding no. Rachel then manipulates Anna's brother, but he's the one manipulating, when he says it will cost her an XBOX to get his sister back on the show.

Anna returns to the show and Rachel has her villain and her bonus!

Bethany leaks the video and no one is impressed.

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UnREAL Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I need a new bitch. Now.


Anna: Don't talk to me like that again.
Adam: They made me do it.