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The show is put on lock down as Mary dies on set. Chet calls the network who quickly swoop in with a lot of questions for Rachel, Chet and Quinn. 

Shia confides in Rachel that she tampered with Mary's medication. Rachel tells her that she isn't lying for her and forces her to come clean to Quinn. Quinn wants to cover it up in order to save the show. Brad wants to know why Rachel is back on the show and Quinn quickly leaps to her defense. Rachel is told to get out of the room because she keeps butting in. 

The remaining girls try to make sense of Mary's death. Rachel joins them and Faith tries to make sure everyone is OK. Maya decides to quit the show after all the drama because she blames the show. 

Jay takes Shia away from the show in order to clear her head. She asks to use his phone, but he declines. 

Jeremy tries to comfort Rachel, but she tries to resist because she feels like the network is trying to pin Mary's death on her and she's struggling to cope with that chain of thought. Jeremy kisses her and she kisses him back and then it leads into a full make out session. 

Rachel decides to leak a video about Kirk in order to make him look stupid. Adam catches on to this and refuses to say anything bad about him because he blames the show for her death. Brad walks in on them editing the footage and goes crazy. Brad knows Mary was off her medication. Quinn accepts defeat. Rachel finds a suicide note in Mary's room. 

Mary's sister, Louise, returns and reads the note out on TV. The note paints Kirk in a bad light and proves that Mary took her life on her own will. Louise informs Rachel that she knows the note is forged, but agrees that it had to be done in order to keep Kirk away from Lily Belle. 

Shia returns as Quinn wants to see her. Quinn tells Shia to go home. 

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UnREAL Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I just feel so terrible. I thought she was being selfish yesterday.


Shia: Quinn, can I talk to you?
Quinn: Not now.
Rachel: I wouldn't wait.
Quinn: Come on.

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