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Adam chooses to take Faith to her home town in order to get to know her parents, but when they arrive, Rachel puts things together and realizes that Faith is in a relationship with her best friend, who happens to be a female. She tries to get Faith to come clean because it will help her in the end, but Rachel is forced to step in when Faith chickens out of revealing her sexuality on reality TV.

Shia goes to horrible lengths in order to turn Mary into the new villain on the show. She tampers with her medication and has Quinn speak to her and threaten to throw her out of the show.

Rachel calls in a favor to Jay when she decides against airing footage of Faith coming out, but Jay takes the footage straight to Chet, which leads to an awkward encounter for them.

Quinn speaks to her lawyer and makes it clear she is pursuing Chet, but her lawyer says the case will be thrown out and they need to prove that he was hitting on her. Chet's lawyer laughs it off and says she will be arrested for stalking his client, but she goes to get advice from Shia.

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