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Rachel and Coleman have a chat as they try and figure out what will happen on Everlasting. 

Chet informs Darius that there will be an assault course for the ladies to try with controlled explosions. 

Darius says no to Chet when he tries to force him to go on the assault course, and Chet agrees to let him sit on the sidelines. 

Quinn wants to produce a killer episode of Everlasting so she goes on the warpath and ensures that she has ladies who can stir up drama. 

She pursues Brandi because she feels like she can connect with her the most. 

This leads to Brandi pulling Chantal's leg on the climbing frame, knocking her unconscious. 

She is locked up in the hold as Quinn wonders how to use her to her advantage. 

Gary shows up on set and gives Coleman a car for his hard work and informs Quinn of Rachel going to him.

Rachel then gets ready to run off, but Coleman talks her round, before the two of them make out. 

Rachel is called by Darius and she goes and finds him unable to move. 

Chet does battle with his ex-wife Cynthia in order to ensure that he gets custody of his child. He steals the baby in the end.

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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Darius: Chet, what are you doing man?
Chet: Making magic.

Rachel: This is a disaster.
Quinn: Yeah, but I mean what are we gonna do about it?