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Coleman invited Rachel to Impact Awards and this upset Quinn who expected the tickets. 

Rachel realized that Yael had been sleeping with Jeremy, but Jeremy fired back about Rachel's relationship with Adam.

Dominique exposed the news that Yael slept with Jeremy and this left Darius confused. 

Quinn met John and brought him to set in an emergency. 

Darius and Ruby had a private date, but Quinn had hidden cameras in his room and Ruby's father appeared on the scene. 

He argued with his daughter to go home, but she refused to. Rachel reluctantly went in with the camera and filmed the whole thing. 

At the rose ceremony, Darius took Dominique out of the game. 

He then ended Ruby's game. He did this so that she could continue to be great elsewhere and finish school. 

Jay was pissed with Rachel and stormed off. 

Chet took Jeremy for a time out, but when he returned, he pursued Rachel. 

He argued with her about getting him demoted and then tried to attack her. 

He struck her on the head, but Chet appeared and fired him. 

He stormed off, while Rachel sat in the trailer wondering what her next move could and if there was a way to come back from this.

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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Quinn: Where are the impact tickets?
Madison: I don't know.
Quinn: Well go get them.

What the hell is she wearing? She looks like a magician.