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Chet helped Rachel following the attack and Rachel made it clear that she would be going to the authorities about the whole thing. 

Chet had to talk her out of it in fears that it would affect the integrity of Everlasting, so she agreed with him. 

Chet then pulled Quinn to set to let her know what's been going on. Quinn goes to see Jeremy and threatens him to stay away from Rachel and the show. 

He pleads with her that Rachel is playing them all, but Quinn pushes him and tells him to leave. 

Darius visits Beth Anne's home town, but things took a crazy turn when Beth Anne revealed her pregnancy and and a brawl ensued. 

Coleman realized that Rachel was not herself and decided to check in with Quinn, who told him about the attack. 

Madison and Jay decided they needed to bring the focus back on their ladies, so they filled them with alcohol and they started arguing. 

Tiffany was forced to come clean about her tryst with Romeo and the other ladies took it badly. 

Later, at the rose ceremony, Darius let Beth Anne go, even after she tried to apologize to him. 

He offered to pay for her kid's college. 

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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Rachel: Did you see what he did to me?
Chet: Yeah, I saw what he did, but it's our word against him and if he talks - this has to stay in the family.

I told you it would be a barrel of laughs.