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Wow. We'll recap this episode of V by going over the multiple cliffhangers that ended it and working backwards...

- Jack is left stabbed on the church floor. The culprit? A security guard at a shipping company, where Jack, Erica and Ryan (whose identity as a V has been revealed to Erica) earlier thwarted a V mission. They had been planning to inject the flu vaccine with R6, a dangerous compound with which Ryan was familiar. To hide their poisoning of mankind, the Vs had actually announced a vitamin injection for the world.

They assumed, correctly, that the government would be focused on what that shot contained and ignore checking the usual flu vaccines closely. As Erica pointed out, it's all very calculating and all reliant on typical human behavior.

We also learned that Jack was a soldier prior to becoming a priest.

- Chad was diagnosed with an impending brain aneurysm. As part of their new health centers, Marcus and another man told Chad he had a condition that human doctors would not be able to find until it was too late. They claimed they could fix it and save Chad, leaving him with a choice of who to trust and what to do.

- Joshua, the V member of The Fifth Column, was forced - by Anna - to skin a fellow V traitor that revealed himself to be Dale's killer because he needed to protect Joshua.

- Valerie learned she was pregnant and shared the news with Ryan.

- Tyler was introduced to Lisa mom, Anna. By the end of the episode, Erica - via an instant message left on the computer screen - discovered that her son had contact with the Vs. Aboard the mothership, Tyler was shown the propulsion system that powers the ship and generally wooed by Anna. It worked. He's clearly smitten with Lisa and with the Visitors in general. He was actually aboard the ship when viewers were introduced to "bliss."

Anna strapped herself in to some contraption and a light shone brightly on her. She then relayed comforting words of hope to all the Visitors - some of whom were nervous, following the warehouse explostion that took out their flu vaccine plane - who looked up and saw this light. This was the "bliss" to which the guy from last week, who Ryan confronted, referred. It acted as a soothing drug to all Visitors.

Here's how the amazing episode concluded: Anna told Tyler that what he was seeing was "only the beginning" and she wasn't kidding. The camera panned away from earth and, seemingly, away from the solar system. It showed countless ships, floating in space, all headed our way...

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V Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Ryan: Everything that I've told you is true.
Erica: Except that you're a Visitor.

I better not ever hear you talk about skinning a V again.