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John May is in the house when he realizes someone is after him.  Ryan enters and tells him that the big bosses aren’t too happy with the way he has chosen the humans over the aliens.  This is a part of the flashback into Ryan’s history with John May.

John May is the alien that created resistance. John May’s stepson may lead the resistance to what they are looking for.

We find out of the reports of the anti-V terrorist group is growing stronger.  This is starting to break Anna down.

Lisa bumps into Tyler’s father in the hallway. Tyler asks his father if Lisa can hang out with them at his place.

Chad is interviewing Anna about the John May lives sign. She tells them that it is a glitch in the computer system.

Joe calls Erica and tells her that Lisa is there. He also tells Erica that maybe it is time for Tyler to know the real reason why he left. That he isn’t Tyler’s biological father. Lisa overhears this and tells Tyler what happened.  Tyler confronts his father and Joe tells him that it is true.

Valerie calls Ryan to tell him that something may be wrong during her pregnancy. Inside the closet she finds a secret locked compartment.  She gets a man to reset the pass code of the vault.  Valerie opens it up and finds the safe full of his secrete identity things and pictures of their baby with a tail.

Erica and the resistance gang get to John May’s house and his step son, James answers the door. His girlfriend, Grace, happens to be a sleeper agent searching for any unexpected trouble.  Eric puts two and two together that Grace is a sleeper agent. Kyle kills her, but her silent pager goes off.

This sends tracking devices that hunt down the resistance. They are able to dismantle them and get away with the communication device.

Back at the ship, Georgie goes under severe torture, but does not tell any of the V aliens anything.  After Ana realizes that this is not the way to go about it, she puts him in a chair that makes him watch his family get brutality murdered by a V alien.

Joshua has the other communication orb and receives a call from Jack that tells him they have Georgie captive. Georgie doesn’t want them to come looking for them because he knows this is what Anna wants.  Joshua kills Georgie per his request.

Ryan calls Valerie and gets no answer. When he gets home he see that his secret vault is open and everything is missing including Valerie.

Erica gets home and finds Tyler on the floor. She tries to tell him that the tests were a mistake and Joe really is Tyler’s father, but Tyler will not hear any of it. He is emotionally scared because Erica has lied to him for so long.

The news shows that the resistance is growing stronger. Anna is okay with this one loss because she is about to deliver an army to defeat them.

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V Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

It will catch up to him sooner than later - Tyler needs to know that I am not his father.


And remember we are of peace, always.