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On this week's episode of V...

... Erica took Tyler to see his father. She asks her ex to take Tyler in for a bit, hoping this decreases the kid's ambition to live among the Vs (as Anna is set to announce a new program in which humans are invited on board the ships). In a side conversation, Tyler's dad hints to his former wife that there's something special about their son, something they should tell him. But we don't learn any more about it now. We just see Tyler agree to live with his dad, and Lisa stop by their home near the end of the episode.

... Anna asks Joshua to run a test on all Visitors to see which ones have developed the capacity to feel emotion, the same way humans do. Joshua is a member of The Fifth Column, as viewers know. He runs the test and tells Anna there's a two percent margin for error. How does she fix this? By taking everyone who tested positive and asking them to make the ultimate sacrifice in her name. Those that commit suicide were loyal servants. The others? She has them skinned. This strategy scares Marcus even.

... Ryan comes aboard the V ship because he needs something for his pregnant fiancee. Valerie is getting sick and the Visitor doctor that Ryan knows says it's due to a lack of phosphorous. Ryan can only get more on the mother ship. Once aboard, he's discovered by Joshua, but they bond. Ryan says there are more good Visitors on earth, but they aren't organized. Joshua agrees to encrypt a message in Anna's upcoming, worldwide announcement. He also warns Ryan about what the dose of phosphorous will do to Valerie.

But Ryan must save her life, he says, and sneaks it into her tea. Late in the episode, we see Valerie writhing in her sleep, as her stomach does some really weird things.

... Jack asks Chad to find out why his parishoners are scared of the Vs. Chad is starting to realize that a lot may be amiss here.

... Finally, Georgie sneaks on to the mother ship in order to help Ryan. He gives away his identity at the end of the episode, in order to keep Ryan's cover intact. Just before the hours ends, we see Georgie tied up, screaming, being tortured by the Visitors.

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