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Anna sneaks into Chad’s room and after a brief make-out session starts chocking him when he wakes up and realizes that it is just a dream...

Erica goes to investigate a mass killing and finds out about it being more fifth column people. There was only one person who got away – a young man named Alex.

Ryan meets up with Evans and tells her that his girlfriend is pregnant and missing. He calls Erica and asks to put out an APB on Valerie.

Lisa gets tested for the empathy tests and she failed. She begs Joshua not to say anything, but Joshua’s counter part tells him he has to. This is their chance to get rid of Lisa.

Lisa and Tyler get away from everyone and go off in their own spaceship to get it on. Meanwhile, Joshua’s partner questions if Lisa’s failure is a trap. He does not believe she is turning.

Jack gets Alex’s father to tell him where he is hiding.  He promises him that they will keep him safe. They get Alex out of hiding and find out that he just wanted to make a difference like his father and grandfather.

The gang use Alex as bait to get to the Visitor attacking the fifth column, but he gets scared and runs. The sniper attacks and kills him. Evans goes after the sniper and gets attacked. Jack comes to her rescue and they capture him. They realize that the killer is human. He tells them that they don’t stand a chance against the Visitors – that is why he went after the fifth column.

Anna brings out blue energy as an answer to the worlds crisis.  The Secretary of State isn’t buying why Anna went to meet with the world leaders. He informs Chad that if she comes in peace why does she need so many allies?  We learn that Anna ends up giving the humans blue energy so that they would become dependent on it.

Valerie goes to the Visitor healing centers to find out about her baby.  While she is there the Visitor realizes that this is not a human baby. Ryan comes just in the nick of time and kills him. Valerie and Ryan escape.

Joshua tells Lisa that her mother is arriving shortly and would like to see her.  When Lisa meets with her mother she is informed how important her relationship with Tyler is for their species. Anna tells Lisa that Joshua told her that she passed.

Lisa confronts Joshua about his lie and he tells her that he may need to come to her for help in the future and she now owes him one.

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V Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

That guy is a lousy shot - no wonder why the V's are winning.


(to Tyler) What your father told you isn't true.