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Father Jack is rushed to the V healing center, following his stabbing attack at the church. The Visitors heal him, but then inject him with R6, which is what the Visitors are putting in the flu vaccine. Ryan Nichols attempts to learn the truth behind the R6 and gives a sample to Dr. Perlman, another Visitor separatist, to study. She tells him that the R6 is a way for the Vs to tag and track humans and impact their DNA. We see Father Jack appear on a V list of those ready for the next wave of R6 treatment.
The same attacker that stabbed Father Jack – the guard from the V warehouse the group torched – tries to kill Erica Evans at her home, but she defeats him. Erica storms the V’s ship, where Tyler is being held. Marcus leads her to Tyler, who tells her he does not want to go home just yet. When Erica reaches out to him, she realizes he is a hologram. Anna watches the entire conversation unfold from afar. The real Tyler is being mined for his memories by the Visitors to see if there is anything they can use to separate him from Erica. Anna determines that Tyler’s father leaving is the memory she needs to begin to drive a wedge between the two.
Marcus pretends to help the FBI find who bombed the V’s warehouse. V technology allows them to recreate the blast, and the Vs frame Kyle Hobbs for the attack. Hobbs is a mercenary who helps build uprisings, and thus is someone that Anna sees as a threat. Erica, however, sees him as an opportunity and wants to recruit him for the resistance.  Erica and Ryan track him down, and Ryan reveals his true form to Hobbs to get him to join their cause.
Anna wants more humans to use the healing centers and, in order to build their trust, she uses Chad Decker. The Vs had diagnosed Chad with an aneurysm that would affect him in the future; human medicine cannot even detect it yet, and once it can, the aneurysm is fatal. Chad uses his news program to give a firsthand report on the healing centers’ powers by broadcasting his own recovery.
Marcus is concerned about the growing Fifth Column presence. He tells Anna that they need an army; Anna tells him she’ll make one. As the episode ends, Anna recruits the best soldier in the V army and beds him. She tells him that the army will be born of her, before saying that her eggs need to feed. Her mouth morphs into a fanged, monstrous thing and she eats the soldier.

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