Despite the Consequences - Valor
"Costs of War"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 13, Ian is blindsided by an evil truth, while Nora is ready to confess despite the consequences on the season finale.

Separated From the Team - Valor
"Oscar Mike"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 12, everyone fears for their safety when Nora and Gallo get separated from their crew and find themselves in a precarious situation.

Tenions Run High - Valor
"Command & Control"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 11, the tension between Nora and Gallo reach a boiling point when Colonel Haskins chooses Nora’s plan over Gallo’s.

Teaming Up - Valor

On Valor Season 1 Episode 10, Col. Haskins considers making a big change, while Nora, Gallo and Thea join forces to try to decode an important message.

Dire Consequences - Valor
"Stay Frosty"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 9, the Shadow Raiders latest mission could mean a dire outcome for Nora and Gallo, while Jimmy's choice has consequences.


On Valor Season 1 Episode 8, Jess must make a difficult choice, while Nora and Ian reach a critical point in their relationship and Gallo deals with PTSD.

"Blurred Lines"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 7, Gallo spirals after receiving bad news, Nora makes a shocking discovery and is forced to make a difficult decision.

Proving Herself - Valor
"I Got Your Six"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 6, Nora considers confessing to Ian, as she prepares to prove herself to Gallo, while Jimmy and Crank's actions have consequences.

"Full Battle Rattle"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 5, when things goes sideways and the team scrabbles to form a new plan, Gallo puts himself in danger for the sake of the mission.

"Zero Visibility"

On Valor Season 1 Episode 4, Nora struggles to get her demons under control, while the Shadow Raiders prepare for the next step in their mission.

Valor Quotes

Son of a bitch!


Nora: We could be court marshalled for this.
Leland: We already have secrets. What's one more?