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-Edward Dozier is found dead in Clark County. He was a doctor on the Air Force base. Lt. Norman Kemp works with Sheriff Lamb on the case.

-Dozier found evidence that men were dying of radiation poisoning due to classified testing.  When he threaten to expose the effects, he was killed to keep it quiet.  Lamb gets the killer, Massey to chase him off the base so that he can arrest him in Clark County.

-Rizzo hires singer Diane Desmond to boost business at the Savoy. She and Vincent had an affair in Havana. She's sleeping with Rizzo but still wants Vince. Savino tells her it's over.

-Laura knows about the former affair and wants Diane gone but Vince explains he can't get rid of her with Rizzo in charge. Laura plans to use her friendship with Katherine to protect her husband by taking down his associates.

-Mia gives Jack encouragement to see her outside of work.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

It's nine o'clock somewhere.


You know if you're here about that missing kitten, we're plum out of leads.