Lamb & Savino At Home
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-When the bodies of Milwaukee's enforcers turn up in a farmer's field, the Milwaukee mob sends a hit man called Jones to take out Savino.

-Jones kills Savino's right hand man, Borelli and kills an innocent bystander who was a witness. When he heads to the Savoy to kill Savino, a Sheriff's deputy intervenes and is shot.

-Sheriff Lamb takes Savino to his ranch to protect him.  When Jones finds them, the two team up to take him down and the Sheriff arrests him.

-Angelo and Rizzo come to Vegas to clean up the mess with Milwaukee. They take Savino out to the desert and Angelo says they have to kill him to make amends. Instead, Rizzo kills Angelo. He says Chicago wasn't happy he was turning the Tumbleweed over to Milwaukee.

-Savino returns to the Savoy but Rizzo is now in charge of Vegas.

-The mayor loses his job as Savino's man wins the election.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Not much of a shelf life on these guys, is there?


You buried them on a farm? You buried the bodies where the ground is constantly turned over?