Dixon Works Undercover
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-Dell Merrick, the main contractor in all of Vegas is murdered and stuffed in a cement mixer.

-The Sheriff quickly realizes it wasn't a mob hit but a lot of people wanted Dell dead. He had several affairs. The latest was with a female preacher who had convinced him to sell his business, build a church and follow her.

-Jack thinks the business partner killed Merrick. Ralph insists it was the wife. Turns out the two of them did it together.

-Rizzo proposes to Diane Desmond but is upset when her work papers get pulled because of Federal drug charges she had when returning from Havana.

-Savino finds out those charges were dropped because Diane agreed to be an FBI informant. He tells her to leave Vegas by morning.

-Later that night Rizzo calls Savino. Diane is dead with a needle stuck in her arm. 

-Jack and Mia go out on a date and have a great time but she tries to break it off because of her father.  Jack says he doesn't care about what their families think and the two fall into bed.

-Dixon goes undercover at the Savoy and arrests a thief. Savino offers him a suite at the Savoy for the night and Dixon throws a Christmas party for the Sheriff's office.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I can't believe a Chicago girl's going to say this but I might actually like honky tonk music.


Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.