Death of a Showgirl
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-Audrey Ballard, a showgirl is raped and murdered and Katherine becomes personally involved in the case.

-Katherine confides in Lamb that her cousin was raped when they were teenagers and she was encouraged to hide it.  The man later went on to rape someone else and Katherine's always felt guilty about doing nothing.

-Katherine questions Audrey's piano player and realizes he was the one who attacked her.  He then turns on Katherine but Ralph and Jack arrive in time to save her.

-Savino invites a high roller, Clay Stinson to the Savoy. He wins $1 million then plans to leave early. Savino scramble to get him to stay but fails and Rizzo will be returning from Chicago soon.

-Mia who Clay propositions steps in and plays poker with Clay. She wins the casinos money back but won't share what was on the line if she lost.

-Dixon is deathly afraid of spiders.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Savino: You come to kiss the ring?
Lamb: No. What did you come to kiss?

I catch criminals. You cut ribbons.