Katherine's Partnership
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-Nathan Oster and his brother rob and torture a bookmaker in order to avenge their father's death.  When Sheriff Lamb is abducted, they are the first suspects.

-Mia goes to Jack for help with a possible card counter named Hal Wifford. She can't figure out who he is or how he cheats.

-Jack helps figure out his cheating scheme and has him arrested but he makes bail.  Jack later realizes that Hal overheard that Ralph was moving money and he's the one who abducted the Sheriff.

-Jack saves his brother before Hal can bury him alive.

-Rizzo steals the bank loan money to finance his shylocks. When Vince warns him to stop, Rizzo intimidates the loan manager instead.

-Rizzo and Savino are abducted by the "board of directors" who threaten to kill them. Savino agrees to sign over the Tumbleweed casino to save them both.

-Rizzo sneers that Savino will have to pay a price for signing away the Tumbleweed and since Vince is a quarter Irish, he will never be a made man in the mob and the Tumbleweed was never his to give away.

-Laura feeds Katherine information that may incriminate Rizzo in Diane's death.

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