Savino Confronts Laura
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-Marjorie Hardy is found dead. She was getting a divorce and staying at the NN Ranch.  Marjorie was dating Max, the co-director of the ranch but his female partner was jealous. When she heard Max and Marjorie were going to run off and get married, she lured Marjorie to the barn and killed her.

-Barbara Kent, Ralph's old flame shows up and asks for his help when her husband is mugged. Ralph finds the he was beaten by a loan shark when he tried to use a phony diamond bracelet as collateral.

-Barbara is still attracted to Ralph but tells him she hoped he would leave his ranch so that he might forget his late wife.  Otherwise she'd always live in her shadow.

-Mia tells her father she's dating Jack and Jack tells Rizzo he loves his daughter. Rizzo tells Savino to fire Mia so she'll leave Vegas. Mia says she'll work for the competition but she's not leaving Vegas or Jack.

-Savino learns Laura has been feeding Katherine information.  Fearing for both their lives, he tells Rizzo the rat is Mia and that Jack pressured her. Rizzo heads off to kill Jack. Savino tries to warn Jack in the hope that he kills Rizzo but Jack doesn't answer the phone.

-Vince sends Laura back to Chicago. He's furious with her and says when he comes to visit their kids she needs to find somewhere else to stay. 

-Yvonne asks Dixon to be her date for a wedding where her ex-boyfriend will be in attendance.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I want three things in a date. Tall, dark, and not you.


A son of a bootlegger in office and we helped put him there. You telling me you're not a little bit puffed up.