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-Ralph Lamb, ranch owner and former MP is asked by the mayor to step in as Sheriff when the regular Sheriff is missing. Ralph hires his brother and son as deputies.

-Ralph investigates the murder of Samantha Meade, the Governor's niece. She worked in the credit department at the Savoy Casino dealing with high rollers.

-Vincent Savino, is the mobster who runs the Savoy and is looking to expand in Vegas. 

-Ralph figures out that Samantha uncovered that a casino employee Bob Paron who was blackmailing a client into skimming money from his job at the bank to pay his gambling debts. Bob killed Samantha to hide his secret.

-Ralph and the deputies chase and capture Bob.

-The DA meets with the original Sheriff who is involved in the Chicago mob and wants to turn over evidence to the feds to protect himself.  The DA hands the Sheriff over to Savino who has him killed.

-Assitant District Attorney Katherine O'Connell takes Ralph out to the crime scene when the Sheriff's body is found.

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Your good with number and better with people than I am.


Did I tell you to lay hands on this man?