Ralph & Jack Investigate
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-Wes Sutcliff is found beaten and shot in his home, an apparent home invasion His girlfriend, Gloria is locked in the trunk of his car.

-Wes played in a high stakes poker game and another player was also beaten but not killed. Jack figures out that a crew bought a list of people who bought the same safe.

-Ralph notices the knot used to tie up Wes is completely different from the one used in the other home invasions.  Turns out Gloria's ex-boyfriend was so jealous and bitter, he killed Wes and made it look like the other home invasions to cover his tracks.

-Mia, an old family friend of Savino's is sent to manage his count room. Although smart, she goes over his head to make a change at the casino.  Vince reminds her that she is in charge of the count room but he runs the casino.

-Savino learns that Parron is going to turn evidence over to the Feds. He sends a man into prison to kill him but Dixon foils the plan.  Instead, Savnio destroys a fire hydrant, forcing the Federal transport to detour with Parron.

-A car bomb set along the new route kills Parron.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Someone was skimming our skim.


I'm commandeering your broom.