The Mayor of Vegas
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-Howard Saffron, a dentist is murdered. He was making fake gaming chips out of dental cement. Sheriff Lamb and Savino call an uneasy truce to find out who his partner was.

-Jack and Mia track down Holly, a casino cashier who cashed many of Saffron's winnings. She and Saffron came up with the scheme but her boyfriend decided to go in for a big score and killed Saffron when he tried to back out.

-Mayor Bennett makes life difficult for the casinos so Savino backs another candidate. With his wife, Laura's help, the prepare Grady for the debate. Savino's crew steals a truck full of TV's and hands them out to women's clubs to watch the debate.

-A handsome, confident Savino has a successful debate opening with Laura's help. Then Savino's men cut the network's antennae so that Bennett never gets the chance to speak.

-Katherine tries to get close to Laura. The two agree to meet for lunch.

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sometimes there's a difference between the law and justice.


It's easier to scare them than it is to jail them.