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Tonight’s episode opened with Team Venture preparing for Hank and Dean’s prom. While everyone was working on the prom Agent 21 decided to finally put 24 to rest by burying his skull, however Hatred and Shoreleave decided to use him for a little target practice and he ended up in the SPHINX compound.

As the prom gets underway Agent 21 begins working for SPHINX and found that he enjoys working with guys who know what they are doing. Dr. Venture invited several escorts and is turned down by several of them. While being turned down he found out that there were several different ideas for what a “Rusty Venture” sexual move is, and all of them were bad.

Col Hunter Gathers went to the OSI to try and warn them that they had a double agent in their midst. When he got there General Treister got angry and went into a raging fit. He claimed that he was a hulk and like the hulk destroyed things when he was mad.

Come to find out he wasn’t and that his assistants were faking it all and thought he didn’t know, also they were the double agents. However, General Treister knew they were double agents and arranged to have Hunter Gather’s men catch them. He left Hunter Gather’s in charge of the OSI as he shot himself into space in hopes aliens could cure his cancer.

At the prom Dr. Venture’s Spanish Fly formula actually turned all the escorts into man eating fly creatures that had to be stopped by Brock and company.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Dean: What's our mission?
Dr. Venture: Your mission is to have the best damn home-school prom 500$ can buy!

Agent 21: Uh let me guess, Sphinx Headquarters?
Shoreleave: Was it the giant sphinx?
Agent 21: No it smells like out of work OSI D-bags.