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Bjorn and his crew set their sites on Sicily after Bjorn is told that the Roman empire has fallen. 

Bishop Heahmund tells Aethelwulf that they should close all roads into and out of York, thereby starving the Vikings. Aethelwulf decides to take his advice and makes the order. 

Ubbe returns home and tells Lagertha how Ivar has torn them apart. He considers Ivar and Hvitserk enemies. Lagertha tells him she will support him against his brothers if he supports her against King Harald. 

Hvitserk tells Ivar the hunting party did not return and they are almost out of food. 

Bjorn and his men arrive in Sicily. They say they are traders, and are asked to be bodyguards. 

Lagertha asks the Seer if she will see Bjorn again. He says yes, but in terrible circumstances. 

Hvitserk wonders if he made the right choice to stay with Ivar. 

Floki decides he should go back home and bring people to the land he has discovered, still believing it is the land of the Gods. 

Astrid tells King Harald that she agrees to marry him, but she thinks fondly of Lagertha during their wedding. 

Aethelwulf learns that the Northmen are all gone. 



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Vikings Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

The Bible also tells us to show no mercy to unbelievers. Against these devils and pagans, we are the wrath of God.

Bishop Heahmund

Hvitserk: Ubbe treated me like his little faithful dog. I am no one's dog, Ivar.
Ivar: Woof Woof.