Rock n Roll Girl - Vinyl
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Richie is going to be an informant for the feds on Galasso. 

Clark and Jorge are at every basement disco in NYC with the Indigo album.

Jamie thinks Kip is having issues with what went down with the two of them and Alex. 

Zak meets with Mr. Galasso. He wants Galasso's support to get rid of Richie with a board vote. 

Now Maury says the Nasty Bits have a problem with their big song because of Lester Grimes. 

Zak's "Xavier" is weird and a bit of a diva.

Joe goes to sit in Richie's office and Galasso drops by. He's got bad news. And wants to see Zak.

Galasso goes directly to Richie. Galasso calls him a piece of shit. 

They find a chop shop by Yankee Stadium.

Kip quits Nasty Bits.

Indigo is charting. 

Lester Grimes turned into as big of an asshole as everyone else.

Zak is kidnapped. During the melee Joe starts talking about the Buck Rogers murder.

Galasso starts talking about Tommy James and his thug kills Joe. 

At least that was good.

Kip is dead. Well. Guess Mick Jagger didn't want his son in the show anymore.

No. He's not dead. Just ODed to the point of almost dead. They think a bath will fix him.

Richie shoots Kip up with coke because that's a great idea. It works. Of course.

He fires Jamie. But not from the company. Just the band.

The Nasty Bits get booed. Of course. And then their sooo rough sound is supposed to win over the NY Dolls crowd.

Their song sounded like Radar Love.

Fake police come in. Or real ones. Who knows.

They get a good review. Richie gives a big speech. Zak and Richie are still at odds.

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