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The State's Attorney's office wonders how long Richie has been working for Galasso. They want him to rat on him. That will keep the murder trail at bay.

Jamie's stuff? In trashbags on the street. A homeless person is going through them. Her aunt pushes her down the stairs. Pleasant.

Zak and Maury are arguing over "help" in the office. It's a relative nightmare. But probably not as big a nightmare as what Richie just went through. He proceeds to look for bugs in his office. 

Meanwhile, Devon is photographing some hairy dude in the nude. And his cock. I think it's the photographer. 

Richie and the group is listening to new music, determining what to do next. Maury steps in. Arguments ensue.

Jamie is staying at Kip's place. She's crying. She's a bit of a mess. He seems to care for her. Maybe it's good for her.

I think the mailroom is going to bring disco to the forefront. For some reason everyone thinks "those people" don't buy albums. A 50s compilation? The kids are all into that.

Richie is trying really hard to ignore everyone snorting. 

Kip doesn't like the idea of wearing a Tori wig, among other things. His guitarist offers to have his hair cut if Kip wears the wig. Kip picks up the scissors.

Julie tells Richie he saw Devon at Max's. After Richie gets done freaking out on Julie, Cece steps into his office to cry.

Andie warns Jamie away from Kip. Cece is pregnant by Hannibal.

Devon is a mess. 

Richie goes looking for Devon and finds cock photographer dude swiping at a bat in his apartment with a tennis racquet. Richie gets involved and slugs him in the face with it, by accident, but he can't be really upset when he realizes where he is.

Jamie becomes the queen of the Nasty Bitz.




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Vinyl Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Andie [to Jamie]: Two hours late? Are you fucking kidding me?
Kip: Leave her alone.

I'm not looking to be defined by my relationship to the fucking crown.