Heart-to-Heart  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 7
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  • Everyone rushes to Lilly's house and it's Tara who is sick. She has a seizure because of all of the stress. She has severe epilepsy. Doc and Mel check her out and Jack goes to calm down the baby.
  • Lilly feels it's her fault because they were talking about her cancer
  • Mel packs to go to LA to see her sister. Jack explains why he didn't want to go with her.
  • Preach takes in Tucker for Christopher.
  • Jack finds out that there is a spring underneath his house so he needs a permit to build which could take up to a year.
  • Jack feels overwhelmed and tired as if the whole world is against him now.
  • Brie stays the night with Brady. He plans to spend the day with her but gets called into work.
  • Preach tells Connie he doesn't want to take advantage of her kindness and she takes it the wrong way.
  • Lizzie asks Ricky about the Marine recruit and he deflects.
  • Doc decides not to go with Dr. Hansen and puts his search on hold.
  • Mel apologizes to Doc for breaching his confidence and she explains her position. He tells her he doesn't want to answer to her or her involved in every aspect of his life when the clinic is his life.
  • Brady gets called into the police station. That's the work emergency.
  • Jack mentions how much more overwhelmed she would be if she had a baby with everything else going on. It sparks more tension between them on the issue.
  • Preacher takes over as director of the play at Christopher's camp.
  • Connie and Lizzie make up and Lizzie goes back.
  • Lilly talks to Mel about the farm and how there's so much love there and memories and she wants Chloe to grow up there.
  • Muriel gives Doc some advice on how to handle things better with Mel.
  • Brady apologizes to an upset BRie for making her wait three hours with no call back. Jack catches them making out. He has another flash of Brady at the bar with his hoodie on. Jack confronts Brady about shooting him and Brady insists that he didn't. Jack kicks him off his property.
  • Doc goes to Mel's cabin with wine and tells her about his prognosis.
  • Jack meets with Valerie, the family attorney and talks about the long, costly, and painful custody battle options.
  • Jack explains that he doesn't think he can give Mel everything that she wants and she deserves it. He ends things because he thinks it's the best for both of them. Mel is upset and kicks him out.
  • He sits in his truck and cries.
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Virgin River Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I feel like you have what you want and what I want doesn't matter.


Jack: Man, I feel like the deck is stacked against me, you know? I ... I keep trying to do the right thing and every where I turn there's another roadblock.
Mike: Come on, that's not the Jack I know.
Jack: It's how I feel.
Mike: When we were serving, you remember what you used to say? The only way to fail is to quit.
Jack: Yeah, I just don't feel like that guy anymore.