Doc Talks to Tara  - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 9
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Brie wakes up and sees she had a miscarriage. She calls Jack and asks him to come over.

He carries her to the car and takes her to the clinic.

Mel checks her out and tells her she had a miscarriage. She didn't seem to know she was pregant.

Mel updates Doc, who is still dealing with an angry Hope after she found out that Lilly died and Doc never told her about the cancer.

Connie rushes to show Preacher pictures of Vince that she took while she was in Clear River. Preacher mentions that Paiges' friend Sally has been trying to reach him which means that something must be wrong with Paige.

Doc talks to Tara who hasn't been doing well since Lilly died. She doesn't want to speak at the funeral.

Jack doesn't want to leave Brie alone even though they have to go to funeral.

Mel tells Brie about her experience with miscarriages. Brie didn't know she was pregnant.

Jack feels like Mel is shutting him out and she says that she feels he said all the right things but he's just appeasign her. He tells her he wasn't and that she can't know until she gives him another chance. Mel is kinda doing what she accused Jack of doing.

Ricky pasts his Marine test with a top-tier result.

Preacher: Hey, anyone ever tell you that you are an aswesome kid? Christopher: Just you, and my mom.

Everyone arrives at the funeral and Hope is delayed with her rental. Mel is overhwlmed at the funeral and thinks about Mark.

Doc gives the eulogy at Lilly's funeral. Everyone speaks about Lilly.

Jack shares a personal story about how Lilly was the first to look after and welcome him into town.

Tara gets up to speak but has a hard time so Mel steps in for her.

Brady drops by to check on Brie and keep her company.

Brady apologizes to Brie again and begs for another chance. He tells her he's in love with her.

Jack tries to tell Mel how much he loves her and they need to be together but they get itneruppted.

Hope still hasnt made it to the funeral or reception and sends Doc a text telling him to sleep at the clinic.

Charmaine arives at the reception.

Ricky tells Lizzie he joined the marines and Lizzie gets upset taht he's been lying to her.

Charmaine tells Jack she doesn't know if she's happy with Todd. He gives her advice and tells her he wants her to be happy.

Ricky talks to Preacher about his decision to join and what that means.

Mel checks in with Tara.

Mel finally tells Jack that she wants to stay with them.

The sheriff comes to deliver some news to Doc about an accident.

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Virgin River Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Connie: We got a problem.
Preacher: Sorry, what am I looking at?
Connie: Scroll left.
Preacher: Vince. Where did you take these?
Connie: Clear River.

Jack, please come, I need you.