Longing Looks - Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10
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It's ten days later and Hope is in the hospital. She has a brain bleed and swelling. They want to put her in a medically induced coma. Doc agrees but is worried. Mel gets test results on her phone and finds out that she's pregnant. She doesn't know how to tell Jack.

Lizzie drops by to check on Doc. She brings him a music playlist that makes him emotional.

Jack asks Preacher about the partnership again and Preacher agrees to it. They celebrate.

Jack also tells Preacher that he's thinking about proposing to Mel. He has the ring. He may need a best man. Preacher is elated even though Jack is freaking out.

Mel meets up with Brie. She tells Mel that she's thinking about leaving town and wants Mel to tell Jack.

Brie tells Mel that she wants to leave without telling Jack and she feels embarrassed by everything that happened to her and how out of control she feels.

Brie shares that the attorney she was dating sexually assaulted her one night and that's where her miscarriage is from.

Preacher meets with Paige's friend Sally.

Paige wants to turn herself in and Sally wants him to talk Paige out of it so Christopher doesn't end up in foster care or with Wes' family.

Charmaine: Stop trying to guilt me into taking your side. Jack: I'm not trying to guilt you. We're talking about our children's future.

Charmaine stops by the bar to tell Jack that she married Todd and that she's upset that an attorney she was interviewing to hire for her apparently is Jack's lawyer.

She's moving to Eureka, and she's not interested in equal custody because Todd doesn't want Jack interfering with their family.

Jack tells her how will the twins feel when they learn that she pushed him out of their lives and Charmaine maintains that she won't be guilted.

Sally stops for food and drinks that she brings Preacher as they head to see Paige.

Calvin stops Brady and tells him that all charges were dropped against him. He offers to get Brady out of the black if he can run some drugs and things through the company again. Brady declines and Calvin taunts him about being in prison.

Ricky goes to see Lizzie because she's been avoiding him and he tells her why he didn't tell her about the marines before. She says she would've supported him because she loved him. He notices the past tense, and Parker shows up. She's with him now.

Brie goes to see Brady and hang out with him.

Sally lured Preacher into the woods and he passes out because she drugged him. She takes his phone and wallet.

Brie tells Brady that she wants to leave and he tells her to stay. Mel gave Tara and Chloe a trust anonymously.

The sheriff and Mike come to search Brady's house while Brie and Brady are there.

Jack's plans to propose are thwarted again when Mel is too tired and wants to sleep.

Parker tells Lizzie he wants to road trip around the country with Lizzie.

A teen comes to the bead and breakfast seeking a place to stay. He says he's in town to see his grandfather, Doc. Hope has an infection.

Connie and Christopher come home and wonder where Preacher is. Vince is waiting in the other room without them knowing it. They found a gun in Brady's truck and it's a match to the one used in Jack. They arrest Brady and he insists he's being set up.


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Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Jack: I know things have been upside down since the funeral, but I was wondering if you had given the partnership any more thought?
Preacher: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.
Jack: Well, what do you think?
Preacher: I'm in.

Mel: Are you OK?
Doc: I'm just worried. I've made so many mistakes when it comes to Hope, I just pray to God this isn't another one.