A Glow - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 1
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  • Jack has a nightmare that Mark is there as they're deciding baby names.
  • Jack is worried when he realizes that Mel is a high risk pregnancy when they meet with the appointment.
  • Hope is recovering and wondering why she still hasn't heard from Lilly.
  • Jack wants to hold off on telling people about the baby because he's worried about Mel's high risk and the situation is complex.
  • Hope doesn't remember that Doc told her that Lily died.
  • Cameron, the new doc arrives.
  • Vince has Christopher and for now, Preach can't do anything about it.
  • Brie consideres a job there and wants to spend more time with jack. Mike bumps into her and apologizes to her for the Brady situation and wants to hang out with her.
  • Brie ignores calls from Brady who is in prison.
  • Brady has to deal with Jimmy and others in prison.
  • Lizzie accidentally tells Hope about Lilly when she's there helping with the flowers.
  • Mel tells Joey about her preganncy when Joey pressures her.
  • Jack still has doubts about whether or not Brady did it. Brady's bail hearing is postpoined because courts are backed up and his bail is half a million.
  • Ricky still hasn't told Jack he's enlisted. Jack is okay with it though.
  • Charmaine is hoping to have her baby shower and accidentally shares that the twins are boys but Jack doesn't know yet.
  • Cameron flirts with Mel
  • Hope talks to Doc about Lilly and asks when she died. He tells it all.
  • Denny stops by Doc's house and tells him that Rose, Doc's old flame he thought died sent him there. He shows Doc a picture and says that he is Doc's grandson.
  •  Preach gets information from the PI, a video of Vince. He shows it to Jack, and Jack has memories. Vince shot Jack, not Brady.
  • Jimmy tries to shank Brady in prison. Brady fights him off but another guy shivs him instead.
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