Gossiping Crew - Virgin River Season 5 Episode 12
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Mel and Jack show up at Everett's cabin and she braces herself for meeting for the first time.

Everett seems grouchy when she approaches him. She asks if he's Everett and says that she's his daughter but he denies knowing Everett and tells her he can't her find what she's looking for even though she sees the Lumberjack award he won 40 years ago in the room.

Charmaine reaches out to Mel and says she had to leave work early because she's still having contractions.

Hope pushes Lizzie to go to Connie's to talk to her mother since her mother still isn't answering the phone after learning the news.

Preacher does a polar feeze with Kaia because it's one of her fondest memories. He tells her that he loves her casually and she says she can't tell that back to him yet.

Charmaine shows up at the clinic and says the twins' father is with her becuase he cornered her by the car and didn't want her to drive unsafely. Mel is shocked to see that it's Calvin and kicks him out for causing Charmaine stress.

Charmaine's water breaks.

The Sheridan siblings chastise their parents for not being able to get along for the holidays.

Lizzie and her mother finally talk and air things out as they express their grievance and her mother agrees to support her even if she doesn't understand their different priorities.

Denny has the idea that Doc and Hope should renew their vows and they discuss the possibility of him and Lizzie getting married one day. He wants her to think it through as she may have to take care of him too as his health declines.

Doc gives Denny the lab results to the sex of the baby.

Charmaine is having issues with her labor and may have preeclamsia.

Cameron tells Muriel about his ex visiting and wanting to get back together and start a family together, and he tells her that he just wants to be with her. Muriel seems to have hesitancy about it and his stating he doesn't want a family.

Mel tells Doc about her father and him not wanting to see her and he tells her that he'll always be there with her and she asks him to walk her down the aisle at the wedding.

He also tells her that Lizzie is pregnant.

Kaia tells Preacher that she's the new Fire Chief at Virgin River and she's there for a while.

Denny and Lizzie share that they're having a girl.

Brie and Brady share another moment at the Christmas Eve celebration and end up under the mistletoe, but Jack interrupts them before they can do anything about it.

The parents are fine and say that they've worked things out and now their father gest along with Javier too.

Muriel talks to Cameron and tells him that she wants him to really think about their relationship and if he's okay with losing out on the things he desired for her, like having children.

Doc proposes again.

Mel and Jack finally go skating and it starts snowing. Kaia is thrilled about the snow too.

Jack and Mel have their happy family dinner with everyone there.

Later that night, Jack gives her a puppy.

One of the guys that brady helped put away calls Lark to ask about their little girl and wonders if Brady suspects anytihng to which she says that Brady doesn't.

Mike tells Preacher that they've identitified the body and things may blow up.

While playing with the puppy, Everett shows up at the cabin to talk to Mel. He apologizes for how he reacted to her.He brings her her mother's letters and telsl her that he has something important to tell her.

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Virgin River Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Mel: Are you Everett Reid?
Everett: Who's asking?
Mel: His daughter.

I don't know, maybe this is a mistake. It's a lot to spring on someone on Christmas Eve or at all. Maybe I should just leave the past in the past.