Spending Christmas with Joey - Virgin River Season 5 Episode 11
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Jack and Mel go chop down their own Christmas tree in the woods and are excited to deal with Jack's family coming for Christmas. They discuss the whole idea of Mel's mother having the affair with someone from Virgin River.

Mel and Brie are happy about spending time with her family, but she's bummed when she hears that her sister isn't showing up. Mel's father does show up, and he's angry about his ex-wife coming to Christmas dinner with her new boyfriend, Javier, the art teacher.

Mr. Sheridan wants Brie to talk to her mother about everything.

Joey and her husband come in with the kids, and they're excited about spending the holiday in Virgin River with Mel, Jack, and the Sheridan family.

Joey talks to Mel about the letters and gives them to her.

Lizzie shares that she hasn't told her mother yet that she's pregnant. Hope encourages her to tell her mother as soon as possible since she'll likely find out some other way.

Doc is excited about becoming a great-grandparent.

The others gossip about Muriel and Cameron having great chemistry and their romance. They speculate about how long the two can last.

Mel and Joey pore over the messages and realize that the affair happened after Mel's parents lost Chloe. They find out that she told the dad about Mel and he wanted to be in her life, but Mel's mother wanted to keep the family together.

Preach updates Paige about the latest news regarding them finding the body.

Doc, Hope, and Danny and Lizzie prep for one of the competitions at the Christmas festival.

Jack volunteers to help Mel find her father and has a possible lead to get help with the postmaster.

Brady is continuing to bond and date Lark.

Mel and Jack bump into Charmaine and she shares that she's been having Braxton Hicks contractions.

They ask Hope about the postmaster, Chip, and she directs them to Lydie who has a history with him. They may or may not still be romantically involved with each other.

Danny talks to Doc about the baby and deciding not to test it for Huntingtons nd leaivng it up to them because it won't change how they raise the child.

Mel and Jack visit Chip who is the mall Santa, and they ask him about the postcards. He's shocked to hear that the woman Champ was writing to was Mel's mother and how they all got wrapped up in the love story.

He hasn't seen Champ since the post cards stopped coming, and he gives him a clue about how Champ won the 1976 Lumberjack Games.

They find out that man is Everett Reid and don't get a clear shot of him in the photo. Mel is taking a moment as it's all becoming very real. They google him but don't find much, and Jack enlists Preach's help since he has a PI who assisted him before.

Lizzie and Hope talk about her talking to her mother and Lizzie expresses how worried she is about being a mom. Lizzie's mom overhears them toward the end, and that's how she found out that Lizzie is pregnant.

After Muriel and Cameron's routine, he spots his ex, Michelle, who tells him that she's in AA and six months sober and she's there to make amends to him.

Jack's dad wants to leave because he can't stand by and watch his ex wife move on from him.

Brady and Brie small talk at the recital. Brie's mother notices that Brady looks at Brie like he's in love with her still.



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Virgin River Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

I feel like I've been pregnant for years.


Jack: Finding your biological father could be a much better gift than jewelry.
Mel: I mean, you could do both.