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Tonight’s episode opened with Pete and Myka in Illinois looking for an artifact that caused earthquakes at a museum. They figured out that a walking stick from one of the museum exhibit caused the earthquakes and found the security guard that stole it. As Pete chased the man outside Mrs. Frederic was there and told Pete to let the man go and not to tell Artie or Myka.

Back at the Warehouse Mr. Valda was there and said that the regents were going to be taking a more hands on approach. Pete met with Mrs. Frederic who told him to keep an eye on Claudia, Myka, and Artie as she believed there was a breach in the warehouse.

Artie did as she asked but found it was Mr. Valda that was working with man who stole the walking stick. Pete told Mrs. Frederic and she warned not to tell the others as it would put their lives in danger. Pete continued to try and work to catch Mr. Valda however; Mr. Valda turned the tables on Pete and captured Mrs. Frederic.

Pete then went on a man hunt for Mr. Valda, the walking stick, and the man who took it. He found all three and had Mr. Valda tied up at a junk yard when Myka and Artie showed up and explained to him that he had been affected by another artifact at the museum and none of what he thought was real. Pete could not tell if they were telling the truth or not.

After Myka had neutralized the artifact, Artie used an modified blast from the Tesla gun to zap Pete back to normal. The Zap worked and Pete was back to himself, but very confused on what had happened. Mrs. Frederic explained that Mr. Valda was understanding given all that happened.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Pete: So does this means we are friends now?
Mrs. Frederic: [Glares]
Pete: Right, see ya.

Pete (playing with teletype): News flash, stop. Bering to admit she was wrong, stop. Pig standing by for maiden flight.
Myka: Stop!