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Tonight’s episode opened with the team getting a ping at a college campus where a wrestling team who has lost for seven straight years suddenly is unstoppable. Pete is still benched from his brush with the telegraph last week so Claudia went in his place.

Once at the campus Myka interviewed the wrestlers in the locker room while Claudia walked back into the gym where one of the kids burst into fire and burned to dust in front of her. Myka and Claudia believed that medal the coach had the team grasp for luck might be an artifact. When going to retrieve the medal they ran into H.G. Wells who gave them the medal and distracted the coach so Myka and Claudia could get out of his office. Once dunked, they found the medal was not an artifact.

Back at the warehouse, Pete was going stir crazy and Artie started having appendix pain. Artie called in the warehouse’s official doctor Vanessa, who Pete figured out Artie had a crush on. He encouraged Artie to ask her out. Vanessa had to make an emergency run for one of the Regents and left saying she would be back.

Myka explained to Claudia to stop trying to be a “Myka” field agent like her she should just be herself. Claudia interviewed one of the wrestlers named Gary, and found she was able to gather information. Meanwhile H.G. Wells convinced Myka to let her help on this one case to help prove she is not a bad person and that she wants to come back to the Warehouse as an agent. Myka agreed reluctantly after Wells saved their life from a speeding car.

Artie’s appendix nearly burst and the only one who can help is Dr. Kelly Hernandez who has a history with fighting with Pete. However, she agreed to help Artie and afterwards she and Pete make an uneasy peace. Artie could see that Pete really did like Kelly and returned his previous encouragement and said he should ask her out. Pete finally agreed and attempted to ask Kelly out but she turned him down.

Myka, Claudia and Wells figured out there was something in the energy drink that the team is drinking that was causing the players to get strong and then combust. At the bottling plant they find Godfred’s Spoon, an artifact that was being used to sample each batch and was infusing the drink with the strength of fallen Viking warriors. The drink’s creator attempted to take the spoon and during a struggle Claudia fell into a vat of the drink and quickly began showing signs of combusting. Wells created an antidote using some amino acids and after giving it to Claudia and she was going to be fine disappeared.

Claudia and Myka got back to Lena’s and Artie was upset that they had not contacted him about Wells. He insisted they contact him if she turned up again.  Artie finally asked the Vanessa out and Pete went o see Kelly and convinced her to at least have dinner with him, Dutch.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Agent Bering, seems we are forever destined to meet at gun point.

H.G. Wells

Maybe I'm wrong, but are Artie and Vanessa sitting in a tree?