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Tonight’s episode opened with Todd and Claudia well past the awkward first date stage as they were kissing on the couch at Lena’s. Claudia had to jump up and go to work as the warehouse was getting a computer upgrade and someone from Global Dynamics was coming in to do the upgrade.

Douglas Fargo from Global Dynamics in Eureka came in and setup a full upgrade. However when the upgrade was activated instead of the new operating system kicking in an unknown fail safe system installed by a former agent Hugo Miller activated. It included an AI named Hugo One modeled after Hugo. Myka and Pete went to get the real Hugo who has had a mental breakdown and was in a home while Fargo, Claudia, and Artie tried to figure out how to stop Hugo One.

Hugo One determined that the cause of the failure was the agents that worked for the warehouse and locked them in and was lowering the temperature to sub-freezing to protect the artifacts. Myka and Pete raced to bring the real Hugo back to the warehouse. Claudia and Fargo found the artifact that Hugo used that made him have a breakdown just as Artie figured out that Hugo had transferred part of his brain into the computer instead of making a copy. This is why the real Hugo was institutionalized and the computer Hugo was ruthless about protecting the warehouse.

Artie made a deal with Hugo One to complete the transfer of Hugo’s other half of his brain into the computer to make Hugo One complete. During the transfer while Hugo One was weakest, Claudia hacked in to the system and took control. Artie reversed the process and instead of Hugo being totally in the computer it restored his brain fully to his body and shut down Hugo One.

Back at Lena’s Claudia met with Todd to tell him she realized she was really crazy for him, but before she could Todd told her he could not see her anymore and left.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Artie: Listen Bismarck, until you came in things were fine.
Fargo: That's Fargo.

Myka: Do you know every former warehouse agent we know is either crazy, evil, or dead?
Pete: Or all three.