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Tonight’s episode opened with Myka and Pete going to the local post office to see if they had mail. Myka had gotten a package from home while Pete had not. Meanwhile Artie was sitting in the warehouse thinking back on conversations he had with MacPherson. While Myka was enjoying some of her items from home Artie came to her and told her and Pete he had an assignment about a possible vigilante with an artifact in Detroit for them.

Myka and Pete went to Detroit where they found that not only was there a vigilante, but he was posing as a superhero called the Iron Shadow. Myka and Pete continued to track down the Iron Shadow and quickly figured out that the artifact he had must allow density changes. They eventually found that the Iron Shadow was really a man name Sheldon who had been robbed at gun point in his house and wanted to now making the city safe.

Pete and Myka visit Sheldon as his home and attempted to convince him to give them the artifact. He said he would give them the item, but then left through a window and warned them to leave town.  Using Pete’s limitless knowledge of the comic book of Iron Shadow, Myka and Pete figured out his only weakness might be the same as other heroes, that being the woman he loves.  Pete and Myka went to see Loretta who they believed Sheldon was in love with. When they arrived Sheldon was there but was losing control of the artifact and hurt Loretta on accident and left before he hurt her worse.

Claudia arrived with the items they needed to stop Sheldon and neutralize the artifact. However, it was only safe for Myka to wear. Claudia and Pete tracked Sheldon to an old auto plant. Sheldon explained he couldn’t get the artifact off even if he wanted too. Myka came in dressed in the suit that Claudia built and neutralized the artifact and allowed them to get the item off of him. With the artifact neutralized, Pete and Myka decided to let Sheldon go as he was not really fully in control. Sheldon and Loretta walked out hand in hand.

Back at the Warehouse, Claudia and Leena talk about what happened with MacPherson and forgive each other, Artie went to MacPherson’s old room that was in archive and found a note from him, and Myka surprised Pete with a few items to help him feel at home until his items arrived including a rare edition of a comic he was never able to find before.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Artie: What?!
Pete: Cranky is kind of your natural state of being isn't it?
Artie: What Pleeeease?!

Leena: Now that is something I never expected to see.
Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, she must have found an artifact that makes her act like a girl.
Myka: mmmuaahh (makes face).