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This installment opened with Pete and Kelly having breakfast and Kelly suggesting that Pete move in with her. Back at the warehouse Pete asked Helena, Claudia, and Myka what they thought and after answering a question about dessert they all tell him he is in love. Mrs. Frederic walked in and while talking to Pete collapsed at the same time as three teenagers in Egypt collapse into mummies.

It turned out that the three boys had found the lost warehouse (Warehouse 2) and it appeared to be coming back online and was attempting to attach to Mrs. Frederic and that would possibly kill her. Myka, Pete, and Helena go to Egypt and meet Mr. Valda there to try and shut down Warehouse 2.

Pete, Myka, Helena, and Valda entered Warehouse 2 knowing they would have a test of mind, body, and soul. The first room they entered was the test of mind. The test was a puzzle test that Pete was able to solve. The second test was body. Helena figured out how to get past the test using her grappler. Valda read a warning on the wall that said the test would not allow all of them to survive. He sacrificed himself to save the others after they were safely across.

Back at the warehouse, Mrs. Frederic slipped closer and closer to dying, Dr. Calder told Claudia that she was destine to be the next caretaker of the warehouse and that if Mrs. Frederic continued to slip she would have to make a transfer to Claudia.

The last test was of soul. Each of them was taken to their happiest place. Myka was the only one who realized it was not real which broke her out and she then helped save the others. They then found the control room of Warehouse 2. Helena went down to the main floor to see if she could figure out how to turn off the warehouse while Myka and Pete saw a series of holes with light in them on the wall.

At the warehouse Mrs. Frederic was so close to death that Dr. Calder said she needed to do the transfer, Claudia finally agreed. At Warehouse 2, Pete figured out the lights were the night sky and using what Valda had told him inserted the key into the correct hole to shut down Warehouse 2.

Just as Dr. Calder was almost done setting up the transfer Mrs. Frederic opened her eyes and told them the connection to Warehouse 2 was broken and she was ok. Helena called Myka and Pete down to the main floor where she said she hoped they would forgive her and when they asked about what she zapped them with some sort of electrical stun device.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Mrs Frederic: Agent Lattimer, this is unlike anything you have faced.
Pete: So, like always then.

Mrs. Frederic: One, agent Lattimer.
Pete: One what? Singular sensation? Is the loneliest number?