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Tonight’s episode opened with a woman in 1961 being chased down the street as a man stepped out from behind a tree she freezes and suddenly becomes transparent and then falls over as broken glass.

In the modern day Wells and Claudia are sitting in the dining area as Artie came in followed by Myka and Pete. As the group argued over how things were going to be with Wells now on board, retired agent Rebecca walks in.

Rebecca told the group about an artifact that she and Jack (her partner) chased in 1961 but never found. After mentioned that they had both could not remember twenty two hours and nineteen minutes Wells realized it was because someone had used her time machine. Unlike the book she wrote this time machine actually only allowed someone to pass their consciousness back through time to someone there.

After finding a film of Jack and Rebecca shot in 1961 where it was actually Myka and Pete in their bodies, Pete and Myka decide to take the chance to find what the artifact looks like by going back in time.

Myka and Pete went back in time and were correct that they landed in Jack and Rebecca’s bodies. They begin keeping tabs on Johan Raite who was the main suspect of the crime. When Pete and Myka realize that Raite was meeting one of the victims that night the followed her and she was attacked right before Raite showed up, this made it Raite was not doing the attacks.

At the warehouse in modern day, Artie tried to clear up a power clog by sending a micro-pulse down the line and burned out the reintegration circuit would prevent Wells from bringing Myka and Pete back from 1961.

Pete and Myka go went with Raite to his house as the next victim was supposed to Raite’s wife. When they got to the house Raite’s wife confronted him about the bimbos he had been meeting and attacked Pete with a knife that started turning his arm to glass. Myka pulled the knife out saving Pete. However, when she and Raite’s wife struggled for the knife Raite’s wife stabbed herself and died.

Myka and Pete told Raite he needed to run, they could not explain why but that he needed to because they would not be here to tell anyone what they knew. Wells was able to fix the machine while Artie watched her closely and with a swift hit from Wells, Rebecca, and Artie it turned on just as Pete and Myka were to return.

Pete and Myka tried to race back to the warehouse in 1961 but, were not able to make it and buried the artifact in a cherry blossom field just before they came back. When they arrived back, modern day Rebecca asked if Wells would send her back to see Jack one more time. Wells said she would not be able to get her back. Rebecca said that was ok, as she shared a look with Artie who knew she was dying of cancer.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

The ink in which our lives are inscribed is indelible.


Pete and Myka's excellent adventure!