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Pam warns Ethan that the abbies are coming and he needs to get the people to safety in an underground bunker. 

Amy wakes up in the hospital with Ben at her side. Theresa comes to get them out of there. 

David tells Pam they need to discuss preparations for Group C. Pam pleads with him to turn the power on and save these people, but instead he has the guards take her away. 

The abbies overrun the town and claim several victims. Ethan, Kate, and others arm themselves to fight back. 

Pam pleads with the guards but they tase her. 

A couple of kids come to release the other kids from the jail cell and they believe they need to make it to the ark to be saved. 

Kate is trapped in the toy store with an abbie, but she beats it to death. 

Ethan comes to rescue Theresa, Ben, and Amy from the hospital. He drives them to the bunker. Kate also makes it there. 

Ben stands up to Megan Fisher who finally agrees to help them get to the mountain complex where David is. 

The group takes the tunnels toward the complex. Megan stays behind in case others make it to the bunker. 

The kids make it to the ark, which is another bunker full of supplies. 

Pam is put back into the hibernation chamber. 

Ethan, Theresa, Ben, and a few others are trapped in the elevator to the complex as abbies overrun the bunker. They climb up the elevator shaft to safety, but Ethan stays behind to set a bomb for the abbies. 

Kate holds David at gunpoint, but he refuses to turn the power back on. Pam has been woken up by a guard and shoots and kills David. 

Ethan blows himself and the elevator shaft full of abbies up with the bomb. Ben shouts for him and is hit on the head with a piece of debris. 

Ben wakes up to discover he's been unconscious for three years. Nothing has changed in Wayward Pines. 








Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

David is not a savior, he's not a god, he's just a man, and he's made a mistake.


You have not failed, your great experiment is working. All you've got to do now is just, let it go. Turn the power back on David.