Britney and Caitlin - We Are Who We Are
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Caitlin makes her way out of the compound with her father, exchanging water and taking it to the restaurant. 

Her mother is unimpressed at the way she keeps going out with her father and not dressing like a teenage girl. 

But Caitlin is struggling. 

She has her first period and buries the blood under the sand with conviction. 

Her relationship with her boyfriend is flatlining because she is not enjoying being intimate. 

Fraser follows her out of the compound and catches her introducing herself as Harper. 

Fraser says she is misrepresenting herself and she is upset. 

He tries to say sorry by dropping off a T shirt, but she doesn't care. 

In the end, however, she accepts the T shirt and it looks like a friendship is brewing. 

We Are Who We Are
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We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Caitlin: Why are you following me?
Fraser: Why are you doing that?

You are going to be late for school.

Caitlin's Mom