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Sam dumps Caitlin because she is spending so much time with Fraser. 

Britney swoops in and gets close to Sam and later labels Caitlin a bitch. 

Caitlin's father starts to notice her pulling away from him, so he gets upset. 

He wakes her up and refers to her as a "little girl."

The festival arrives and Caitlin says hello to Sam, but gets made out to be a villain. 

Danny tries to hurt her and threatens to kill Fraser. 

At dinner, Sarah says that Fraser wore turbans and wanted to be in a Lady Gaga video. 

Fraser responds by attacking his mother. 

Sarah later says that Maggie will never understand being both a mother and a father. 

At the festival, Caitlin's father loses, and he is upset because he thinks he's lost his daughter. 

Maggie gets closer to Jenny, while Sarah gets close to her assistant, leading to Fraser getting upset about her actions.

We Are Who We Are
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We Are Who We Are Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Have you ever kissed anyone before?


We are not kissing.