Weeds Review: "A Shoe for a Shoe"

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Tonight's episode of Weeds really had me not only engaged, but had me rewinding my DVR to watch and re-watch Doug and all his hilarious antics!

How freakin awesome was it when Doug passed out because he hadn't eaten in forever! The look on his face was priceless.


Side note, why hasn't Doug eaten in forever?!? Why would they put a plate of nachos in front of him and only feed him artificial sweetener?!

"Shoe for a Shoe" was the showdown between Nancy and Cesar. Like an eye for an eye, Cesar wanted little Stevie in trade for Shane. Thankfully, Nancy is somewhat better at protecting her children than selling drugs. She showed up at the deserted bowling ally with the crossbow and shoots Cesar in the knee before he is able to kill her. Good move Nance!

As fate would have it, Andy and Silas are waiting to hear back from Nancy at the same exact restaurant Shane and Doug are being held hostage by Ignacio. Crazy! Right?

In any case, how funny was it when Andy yelled out to Doug:

Andy: Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh! Ah Sammy Davis Junior! | permalink

And he got nothing! Oh well, thank goodness the Botwins (and Doug) have a sociopath like Shane on their side. Even Ignacio knew not to f*ck with Shane! The way that Shane looked into Ignacio with those crazy eyes was really intense! What was even more absurd was the way Ignacio had always treated Shane like a mini grasshopper. I think he knew Shane was not bs-ing him because he was the one to coach him into what he is today. The way they reminisced about how they kicked the living sh*t out of that one guy only proves the eerily demented relationship they once had.

Again, way to go Nance for leaving your youngest impressionable boy with such a sociopath. Really, what's wrong with her?

Another really entertaining shout out had to go to Andy when he mentioned Megan. Way to bring it back to Season One folks! Who knew Silas even remembered  how to speak in sign language?

I was pretty surprised that Cesar's wife was so calm about what he does for a living. It was like she was asking him to finish up his day job when she told him to kill the b*tch and come home. Guess all things are relative.

Now that the Botwins - and Doug (how great is it that Doug is with them!?) - are free from Estaban's clutches again, where do you think they will head to now? Who do you think will catch them first? Esteban or the FBI?

I really loved the way Nancy once again was barely able to escape this week's danger. What did you think? Leave your thoughts below!

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Weeds quotes from tonight's episode:

Shane: Una navaja.
Nancy: Oh Shane, no more Spanish. | permalink
Nancy: I'm a mother lion and you can't defeat a mother lion when you've threaten her cubs. | permalink
Ignacio: Follow your dreams mijo. Follow your dreams. | permalink
Ignacio: You're hands are shaking. You're not going to shoot me.
Shane: He's right, you're not going to shoot him. But you don't have to.
Ignacio: You're going to put a bullet in me mijo?
Shane: What do you think? | permalink
Doug: God wants me to live.
Ignacio: And I still don't understand why.
Doug: For a lot of reasons. | permalink
Shane: Are you eating your napkin?
Doug: No (he is). | permalink
Nancy: (to Cesar) Sorry about that, but I knew you were gonna shoot me first. | permalink
Nancy: What are you doing? Is that my mascara?
Andy: War paint. You're gonna need back up.
Nancy: You're not coming with me. | permalink

A Shoe for a Shoe Review

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