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The gang gets to Nancy’s old neighborhood.  They go to stay with Nancy’s old Math teacher Mr. Shift who she boned back in high school.

Nancy and Andy go to sell her hash, but she’s not getting anywhere.  She heads to the graveyard where her parents are buried to pay her respects.  A man named Ellis Tate runs into her and asks her out for coffee.

Andy heads to a mosque to find someone that can help him get passports.

Mr. Shift hangs out with Silas and Shane. He tells the boys about their mom when she was young. They find out that Nancy had a boyfriend named Lars that looked like Silas.

Silas and Shane head to Lars’ house to find out if he’s Silas’s dad and they do agree that there’s a strong resemblance.

Andy makes a strange concoction of hash, energy drink, grain alcohol, and some magical drug (Adderall). It’s a hit and the club man wants to buy a bunch of bottles. This is their big hit they need to get out of America.

The episode ends with Ellis telling someone on the phone that he found her.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Lit a match to hide the stench.


Hang on bro! I got a mudslide coming.