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We pick up with Nancy being released from prison after three years, sent to a halfway house in NYC to complete her sentence. She's afraid that Esteban will find her there, but receives the news once she arrives:

Esteban is dead. She and her family are safe.

As for that family? They've been leaving in Copenhagen, doing fairly well for themselves. Shane has been living with a girl, Silas has been modeling and Andy and Doug have been doing Andy and Doug-like things to get by.

They learn that Nancy is free when her sister calls them online to deliver the news. Nancy had just done the same to her, mostly to say hello to Stevie, who is being raised by his aunt. It's clear that Nancy's sister is far from anxious to hand over custody.

Nancy, meanwhile, pleads with her halfway house boss to give her two hours on the streets. He does so, and she follows the advice laid out for her on a pair of oven mitts gifted by her former lover/inmate. It leads her to the trunk of a car, in which is a bag full of guns and grenades. Nancy lugs it away to close the premiere, just as her family is booking a flight back to the States.

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Weeds Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

I thought they were saying bi-Andy. What? You do shave your legs.


Nancy: Where's Agent Lipschitz?
Official: Maybe he's somewhere trying to change his name.