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The gang has come together to help Eric host a Polish Dyngus Day celebration. After a fun night full of activities that include large quantities of alcohol, a reenactment of a Lewandowski family gathering and an impromptu puppet show, Stosh decides to pay a visit to his twelve-year-old son who he is not allowed to see. Of course, he invites Eric along for the ride.

He regales Eric with the tale of how he impregnated a cocktail waitress when he was 23 and she forbade him from having anything to do with the child's upbringing because of his lack of responsibility.

Unable to contact his son directly, Stosh parks outside his school and instructs Eric to find him and give him $100. As Eric is intercepted by a security guard, Gina, the mother of Stosh's offspring, approaches the van. 

She agrees to let him spend two days with his son, Frank.

Stosh tries to get to know Frank and make up for lost time, but Frank is not receptive to Stosh's approach.

Meanwhile, after a night of drunk bonding, Caryn is under the impression that Zara is her new best friend. She writes Zara a card and promptly plans the first of many Taco Tuesdays for that evening.

Eric tries to help Stosh entertain Frank by bringing up old games and movies. After vetoing Trouble, they settle in to watch The Godfather. While the film disturbs Eric, it is a bonding experience for Stosh and Frank, and Stosh agrees to take Frank to Kiddie World the next day.

Caryn returns to the townhouse with taco ingredients... and a cat named Kismet who promptly runs away. 

Zara is freaked out by Caryn's structured plan for their future and hides out in her van. She is joined by Stosh, who is equally freaked when Frank calls him "dad." The two commiserate over a shared distaste for emotional intimacy and they both lie to get them out of their commitments. 

Stosh lies to Frank and tells him he had to go out of town for work, leaving Eric to take him to Kiddie World, while Zara levels with Caryn and tells her she will move out. 

After returning from Kiddie Land early, Frank catches Stosh in his lie and proceeds to reenact a scene from The Godfather on him. Zara witnesses Frank beating up his dad and realizes her mistake with Caryn. Alls well that ends well, and if a successful Taco Tuesday (with Frank and Kismet in attendance) is any indication, everything worked out in the end. 


Weird Loners
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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

What's my Oscar the Grouch puppet doing in this trash can?


Go give him the $50. Actually, you know what, make it $100, I only have one kid, right? Actually, that might not be right...