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Stosh runs into Zara on the front steps of the townhouse and compliments her art, wondering why she doesn’t try to sell it in more lucrative ways.

Eric emerges from the townhouse dressed as a chess piece. He plays the part of knight in a bi-weekly human chess game.

A taxi pulls up carrying another chess piece, Carl, who is a rook in the game.

Caryn rushes out of the townhouse, late for work, but makes an impression on Carl. He asks Eric to set him up on a date with Caryn. In exchange, when Carl’s grandfather retires and passes him the role of King, Carl will make Eric a rook.

Meanwhile, Stosh tells Zara he wants to represent her as an artist. He wants her to enter a contest that the Mason Hotel is holding. The prize is $20,000 to create a painting for the hotel.

Eric asks Caryn to go on one date with Carl so that he can finally become a rook with the ability to move across the entire chess board in one move! She hesitantly agrees.

Eric celebrates with an inspirational montage of interpretive dance across the chess board.

Zara is in the top five finalists and attends a reception with Stosh. As her representative, he creates an elaborate back story for her life that includes a hard upbringing in Mumbai and a harrowing journey to the U.S. Their work pays off and she wins the contest.

Caryn returns from her date insistent that she can never go out with Carl again. After she does not hear from him the next day, she begins to change her tune. She tells Eric to get her another date; she’ll do whatever it takes.

Zara is struggling creatively after winning the contest. All she can come up with is a rudimentary turtle. Unable to start painting because of the pressure, Stosh tricks her by pretending to withdraw her from the contest.

Caryn infiltrates the human chess game to gain access to Carl. She learns that he only went out with her to make his ex-girlfriend jealous, and she has since taken him back. A fight breaks out among the chess pieces and chaos ensues. As a consequence, Eric is demoted to checker.


Weird Loners
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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Stosh: I brought this waitress home from Doogans last night. She stumbled out of here pretty early. I figured I'd be a gentleman and pretend to be asleep until she left.
Zara: Oh, that's who that was? I thought you were being robbed by the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Stosh: I want to rep you!
Zara: I have a whistle.
Stosh: No, I want to rep you, to represent you as an artist.
Zara: It did seem strange that you would give me a heads up.